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smc read key error mavericks


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Sorry for my english, it's not my first language


I have installed  mavericks on a dell latitude d630  with nvidia and everything works well however i think the cpu (T7100) is not completely giving good speedstep.

On battery or main supply it gives me 1,79 Mhz the whole time.

Second while the system shuts down it gives me an smc read key error at the end, this lasts 25 seconds and shut normally compleet down. (power off)

This is the same way when the system is going to sleep. (blinking power led)


Installed  with my hack and extra boot files and edp after reboot.

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Configure your BIOS as per recommended settings in the pinned thread of this very section. If all looks well on that front, you probably did not install emulated SpeedStep within EDP.
Not to worry, just head over to Articles pages of the web site (not the forum) and look for the performance tuning article. This will give you all you need to configure native CPU speedStep and native GPU throttling on your D630 nVidia laptop.
There's a summary of tuned-up settings here.

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I also get a smc:ReadKeyAction Error (F0Ac) on shut down.


I could fix it by adding the missing key to FakeSMC.kext, but I'm not sure if this is the right way to fix the error.

Especially because Hervé don't get this error on his D630.


I checked my BIOS setting and updated Chameleon boot loader, didn't work for me.


I have a second partion with Mavericks on it. Before I updated and reconfigured EDP I didn't get the error on shut down.


Any idea?

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