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Mavericks on D630 crash after language selection


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Hi all,


My first post so here goes...

I have a Dell Latitude D630 which i have installed a nVidia motherboard, a T9300 2.5 Core2Duo CPU, 8GB PC-6400 800MHz Ram, 240GB SSD and 1TB Hybrid SSHD. BIOS A19 setting check against this sites pre-req's.


I am using a virtual 10.8.5 with the mavericks installer package on it.


I have followed the install guide on this site using 'MYHACK' and the correct 'BOOTPACK'.

I replaced the /Extra folder for the one for my model.


I have an 8GB USB Flash drive.


It loads nicely and I use the '-v' or '-v -x' when selecting OS.

It gets to the language selection and i can use the mouse or KB to select English.

very shortly after is crashes. It says I don't have permission to save the log file to my USB.


excerpt from log:




Thanks for any help.



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Great, I am loading into Mavericks, now to sort the EDP. What patch or kext should i use for my wifi card?

its an Intel 4965AGN (also has Toshiba on it).


thanks again

Intel wireless cards are not supported...ever.

Head over here for a list of tested cards that are working/no working.

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