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Inspiron 3520 Maverick problems


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Well, after getting Mountain Lion to run almost perfectly, I thought I would give Mavericks a shot. I'm not using any ML kexts. I used Mountain Lion to build a Mavericks boot USB disk. And, I am using the default myHack kext pack.


Specs of the machine (From CPUID in Windows, which I'm using because I wasted the OS X partition and only have Windows now.)

















Dell Wireless 1515 (Atheros card. Should work oob)



So far, I haven't had any luck at all. It hangs here:

setWOW_PARAMETERS:wow events = 2(1)
ATHR: unknown locale: 60
ATHR: unknown locale: 60

Sometimes booting with -v -f -x will get me past that, but it will then eventually hang here:

BIOS Settings:
SATA is set as AHCI. 
Intel VT-x is disabled (I've tried with it enabled also.)
Legacy boot is enabled. (UEFI is disabled)
Speedstep is enabled.
I don't have an edited DSDT/SSDT. I haven't ever had one for this machine, even on Mountain Lion.
What am I doing wrong? Can someone give me some help, or point me in the direction that might at least get me to install Mavericks? Once I get there, I'm positive I can get this machine working great.
If you need more info, I can provide it. Just let me know.
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Small success. I added the ALPS touchpad driver from https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2545-new-touchpad-driver-for-e6520-alps/, rebuilt kext cache and ran myFix. And that got me to the installer screen. But after selecting English as the main language, I was shown the "The OS X installation could not be completed".




Ok, I just cannot get this damn installer to start. I've rebuilt the myHack installer USB until I was blue in the face, and I always hang at the above picture. (Minus the ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint Dictionary problems. I figured that out.) I've waited an hour each time, and it never goes past that.


Someone, anyone, chime in please. I'm stumped.

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Some more info with things I've tried:


-Creating the myHack installer on a GUID partition

-Creating the myHack installer on a MBR partition

-Standard myHack /Extra

-My /Extra from ML

-Boot pack's of similar models (E6220 and E6520 models are very similar)


Nothing has worked. It always hangs here (Can be seen in the last picture of my first post):

setWOW_PARAMETERS:wow events = 2(1)
ATHR: unknown locale: 60
ATHR: unknown locale: 60

Also, it IS Mavericks downloaded from the Apple App Store. I downloaded it before I got rid of Mountain Lion.

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does it have vt-d in bios? if so shut it off or boot with dart=0 flag. 

Ok, I had tried shutting off VT-d (Virtualization), but I haven't tried "dart=0" flag. I assumed that disabling VT-d would basically do the same. I see now that it does.


I have already tried this. :(


It seems to be hanging with the Wireless card, so I might just yank it out and see if it boots. If it does, maybe I can install OS X and then replace it and have it work.




Well, I pulled out the wireless card, and that didn't seem to help. Here's an updated picture of where it hangs:



Some things I noticed: 


OSMetaClass: Kext com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB class HDCPCtrl is a duplicate;kext com.apple.driver.AppleIntelIntegratedFramebufferCapri already has a class by that name.

Kext com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB start failed (result 0xdc00400a).

Kext com.apple.driver.AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB failed to load (0xdc000017)


Are those in /S/L/E? I don't have them in /E/E. Could those be what is causing me to hang?

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It's hanging at graphics initialization; that's where your trouble lies. You need to sort out the handling of your HD3000. Tried boot option GraphicsEnabler=No?

I've tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes, but not "No". I'll give that a shot and get back with you guys. 


Many thanks!




Same result. :(

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Ok, I know its not supported, but I grabbed the Pandora's Box installer from over at InsanelyMac and it worked. It booted to the OS X Mavericks installer. I think removing all video kexts from /S/L/E would have probably worked on a myHack installer also, so I might give that a shot.


At least I'm making progress.

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I have. There isn't much, other than enabling HDMI audio and VGA. Helpful later, but not so much right now. 


I got kind of busy today, so I haven't tried removing the video kexts from a myHack boot USB drive yet. Will doing that also remove them when I install OS X, thereby forcing me to reinstall them after OS X is installed? If so, I'm ok with it. If not, will I face the same problem upon first boot?

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