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M6300 step-by-step OSX10.9


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This is (hopefully) an easy, step-by-step tutorial for installing OSX10.9 (and other Operating Systems) on your M6300. <UPDATE: I was able to update to 10.9.3 just fine after this installation.>


There’s not too much original information here, as it’s all been regurgitated from borrowed ideas in other posts and advice in forums everywhere.


A special THANK YOU to Sergeant for his advice and files that got me started on the right path for this!


Note: The attachments are a PDF with the step-by-step instructions and the files necessary to add to your OSX Installation Boot USB.



Post Install 1:  I followed the advice in another post here about the running myHack's myFix to fix the sleep issue.  My PC does wake up, but sadly my screen remains black ...  However, a nice "side-effect" from running myFix is that my internal WiFi is now working!  Yay!


Post Install 2: I've just updated this to 10.9.3 and then immediately (before the reboot) ran myHack's myFix (full).  Everything booted up happy happy.


M6300Multiboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded).pdf

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Interesting stuff, but why use Kext Wizard to add/replace kexts in /E/E of the USB installer? Just manually copy them there then run myFix (quick) on the USB installer. It's always potentially dangerous to mix myHack/myFix and other kext tools such as Kext Wizard.


Furthermore, myHack/myFix takes care of the kext cache, so -f bootflag should not be required.


You appear to have a different (better?) bootpack than maybe the one provided here, so that should simply be used at USB installer creation and no more messing with kexts and Kext Wizard.

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Hi Herve,

thanks for your help i get my M6300 running, but without WLan (Intel Chipset).

I use this extra pakage:



But no i get this classiker error message on App Store:

"Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance."

I have a real SN in smbios.plist and renew the NIC configuration.


Any idea ?

thx for any help

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