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Optiplex 760 - No boot after install


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I've a Dell Optiplex 760 and try to install Mavericks with myHack.


I made the USB Stick with myHack and also copied the Extra files uploaded by MacsRTheBomb in this topic:



The install went fine, I located my ExtraOpti760 Folder when asked to Supply my Own Extra and I replyed Yes everytime to remove problematic extensions.

When the install was finished (I suppose), the PC restarted (without asking, is it normal?) but stay on:

Initializing Intel® Boot Agent GE v1.3.52.1

PXE 2.1 Build 089 (WfM 2.0)


It doesn't boot on the HDD.

Even if I press F12 for the Boot Options and then Select SATA0, nothing happen.


What should I try ?


My system:

Dell Optiplex 760

Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz

4x1GB DDR2

No Additional Card, using onboard Video Controller

BIOS Version: A13


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in bios see if you have the sata option of ahci


SATA is on AHCI.


When I made the myHack USB Drive, I didn't put the MBR Patch and when I use the DiskUtility to create my MAC OS Extended Partition, it create a GUID Partition Table.


I think the Optiplex 760 can't boot on GPT so I try to recreate the MyHack USB Drive and select Yes to Patch for MBR.

I reuse the DiskUtility to create a MBR with a single MAC OS Extended Partiton.


But this time, just after selecting the language, I have the following error:

"The OS X installation couldn't be completed"


The only difference is this MBR Patch I think.

Do I absolutely need this patch to install on a Dell Optiplex 760 ?

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I tried to remake a myHack USB Drive without the MBR Patch and with this one the install go to the select destination drive menu.

So the "The OS X installation couldn't be completed" error come only with MBR Patch.


Should the Optiplex 760 boot to a GPT disk ?


I also try to update my BIOS, now it's version A16, but still no boot on the SATA Drive if the partition is GPT.

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Did you format your HDD as "Mac OS X Extended (journaled)" ?


Yes I did format my HDD as Mac OS X Entended journaled.


But I'm still not sure if the Optiplex 760 can boot to a GPT style disk or if I need a MBR style disk.

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Try this guide.


Thanks, I tried this guide before using myHack but It didn't boot, so I tried with myHack.


I'm a bit further yet, I started again to install with MBR patch, but this time, I made a myHack drive without the patch and I applied the patch from this source:



The install went fine on a MBR disk with a Mac OS Extended (journaled) partition, but after the install, the PC don't boot to the HDD.


If I boot to the USB Drive and then select to boot on HDD hd(1,1), the gray screen with Apple Logo is comming but it stay like that.

If I add -x -v to the boot options, it works 8-)


So now, how can I make it to boot on the hdd without booting on myHack stick first ?

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So now, how can I make it to boot on the hdd without booting on myHack stick first ?


I've found myself, something went wrong during the installation of Chameleon.

I installed it again and now I can boot from the hdd.


Thanks for the help

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