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[WWAN] DW5550


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Mavericks only support 2 Sony Ericsson Phones -- one is CDMA phone,  the other is Motorola chipset based.
There is no similar Ericsson GSM template you can use in Cellphonehelper.kext :(
Try to use some generic GSM in Cellphonehelper.kext, it might help!
I found Cellphonehelper.kext supports Ericsson GSM very well,  such as Ericsson F3507g,  it recognize as WWAN and Dialup-Modem both.
I will try F5521GW for myself.  I will follow-up the same way as F3507g

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If DW5550 is indeed based on Ericsson F5521gw card, then look at the thread related to that model (also branded HP hs2340 HSPA+) that I just posted. I found the HP-branded card does work OOB as a 3G modem and as a WWAN module with a small patch.


Please use my guide and report back if it works or not for that Dell-branded module so that I can subsequently update the thread. Could you please provide details of PCI ids?

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