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[Guide] E7440 with Clover


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No, you need a patched AppleHDA for sound. Get the latest one here. Speaker and headphone works!

Hi Jake!


This AppleHDA work with 10.10 Yosemite? Or you have 10.10 version, or joe82 have 10.10?

Or possibly clover on the fly patch? I use clover and on the fly applehda patch in 10.10 but headphones not work.






Test your AppleHDA.kext and works like a charm in OSX Yosemite 10.10 :)

Install with kext wizard to /S/L/E!!!

Only bad thing in my setup the screen glitches in boot second-stage UEFI Only mode.

If i boot UEFI mode with enable legacy rom option, boot glitches is gone, but boot time longer 1-2 sec :)

HDMI out and HDMI audio not tested in this time...


Thanx Jake :)

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This is for Yosemite Final. Install to SLE to work.

To get HDMI Audio to work, you'll need to patch the DSDT. Get latest version from my guide. Also need to patch FB. This is for Yosemite. Mavericks version is also in my guide. See signature below.

Thanks Jake Lo, pokenguyen, joe82 and all members on this forum!!!


My system is fully working now Yosemite 10.10 final.


I use Clover boot manager, iMessage, FaceTime, HandOff, cellular calls, sms, etc work... 

System boot whit caches within 4 - 5 sec from dell logo,

Camera, PhotoBooth, Preview, etc.. work,

HDMI out and HDMI audio work, no freeze, if close the laptop lid, HDMI continue to operate :)

No graphical glitches,

Audio fully working, headphones, etc...

Sleep fully working, laptop lid close/open, (only thing: if USB3 storage plugged in when going to sleep, ejected improperly when return from sleep, but USB3 port continue to works.)

I use I8k.kext my custom heat levels and fan control, the laptop silent, quieter than Windows in power saver mode :)


Thank you again!!! Good work!!!  


PS: Next week i test the docking station in my work...

PS_2: Sorry for the bad english :)

PS_3: See system specs in signature below... 

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No, you need a patched AppleHDA for sound. Get the latest one here. Speaker and headphone works!

Thanks Jake it did resolved the issue partially. Still there is no noise from the speakers although headphone works. Also I have experienced white noise after awaking from sleep.


I also need to understand the role of patching FB. Is it similar to this link: http://www.tonycrapx86.com/yosemite-laptop-support/145427-fix-intel-hd4400-hd4600-mobile-yosemite.html


Looking forward to hearing from you.

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It's probably not initialized properly. Try repairing cache and permission.

The FB patching actually revert it to 10.9.2. The one from your link seems to use FB from a Desktop or faking it.

I can confirm patching libCLVMIGILPlugin does help with the preview. So use it if you also have the same problem.

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