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DSDT for D820/D620


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WARNING: This dsdt is far from perfect and not finished

This topic is for all D820 and D620 users. Just like in my earlier post, the reason why D620 is mentioned second is because the DSDT file was tested for D820, but from my analysis (from ACPI perspective) the only difference between those two is slightly different configuration for IRDA and and PXS4 devices, beside that DSDT is identical and because there is this little extra in D820 the file will be build on top of that version for both. (If You D620 users will encounter any major problems I'll split those two and add another post just for D620 models)


This DSDT file is based on latest A10 Bios DSDT dump (dsdt from nVidia and GMA models are the same)


What is included:

- DTGP Method

- HPET fix

- RTC fix

- GMA950 fix and injection

- Clamshell sleep / brightness dim

- Fix for all errors, warnings and remarks


Not yet included:

- Cosmetic Apple Audio injection


Additional info:

a. FOR PROPER RESUME FROM SLEEP - start with Default BIOS settings + add system password

b. nVidia and GMA users should add Graphics Mode key with proper screen resolution to /Extra/com.apple.boot.plist. Example:

<key>Graphics Mode</key>

c. cause there is no proper graphic injection for nVidia users should also add GraphicsEnabler=Yes key:


d. Use latest Chameleon2 RC5 bootloader



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This dsdt is allready part of EDP 1.5rc5, what we are doing here is extended testing.. things have to be tested before it goes into the EDP - this is how we do it (amoung other)

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