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d430 install problems


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I have 2 d430 laptops. One runs 10.6 and the other 10.7.5. The 10.7 runs lovely and I have installed from EDP and it runs fine and I am using it to post this.


I find the installs really difficult. First, the trackpad is very intermittent right from the start. It seems as though things freeze for a bit and then work again. The next thing is that when I assign a hard disk and load it, it gets to the end of loading OSX and then freezes. Sometimes I get to the point where it asks me for generic boot pack or I have boot pack.


I don't have the 10.7.4 boot pack, but have tried the 10.7.4 sent by herve this panics and I start again.


If install generic. Life is difficult because of the mouse and track pad problems. If I could cure this I could load in a Kext to get wifi working ( I have the broad com card in place). Would need to know which one if any one knows.


I can soldier on with the problem but it literally takes days to get anywhere with dodgy mouse to get wifi working. The wifi only works briefly for a second or two and then by the time I load in my wifi code, it has gone again. This is not easy to do with because the mouse issues.


I am using myhack, on on both 10.6 and 10.7 I get this install problem and obviously I have missed something.


I have made a Mavericks vostro 200 and I didn't have mouse issues and just loaded on a kext.


I have tried copying the 10.7 extra from my working 10.7.5 laptop but to no avail. (this gives you an idea of how much I know) but to use kext helper under the mouse conditions is tricky and hence I copied and pasted. I think the reason mouse may freeze is a graphics problem, being that the mouse and trackpad suffer exactly the same.


I must be doing something wrong some where.


I soldiered on with the first two and managed to struggle past the issues and get to EDP and do a build from here, but it took ages. Days.


If you use any technical terms not in this post, please explain them as I just won't know. If you say "install this", you will need to say how. etc. But hopefully someone can tell me right from the start how to solve the graphics or mouse problem, which starts right from loading from my hack install and choosing disk to install on. 


Any help would be great.



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