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Panic Issue on E6510


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I am receiving the attached error when attempting to install OSX Yosemite on my Dell e6510. This is my first try at installing OS X 10.10.3. Please guide me.


Dell e6510

Intel i5

4GB Ram

120 GB HD

Intel GMA HD

1366 x 768


Appreciate any help, thanks.



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1. Never got my E6510 to get past the panic issue using the Yosemite guide. Tried every flag permutation I could come up with. 

2. Flawless install and everything but sleep works using the Mavericks guide (same guy)

3. Currently trying Yosemite install. I used unifail 5 and selected Laptop option. It boots with nv_disable=1 flag and I need an external USB mouse to click options. Currently installing. 


If yosemite proves too hard, I'm just going to stick with Mavericks. 

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