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Battery life on e7440


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Hello everyone, is there any magic way to improve battery life on hackintosh? (e7440 on 10.10.3). On windows I'm getting about 6-7 hours of battery life on hackintosh its one and half. Is it possible to make a energy profile ?

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I don't have battery life issue. My systems (including my Haswell-based E6440) are tuned and run on SSDs...


This being said, I've never measured battery life on the E6440 between Win and OS X but I think they're roughly the same (around 4hrs). Win7 runs off a 2.5" SATA-III SSHD, OS X off a mSATA SSD in the combo slot. As a 1st element of comparison, here's a sample of what Win7 and El Capitan individually report :

Win7_battery_life.jpg EC_Battery_life.jpg EC_battery_life_#2.jpg


Slightly longer life in OS X is probably due to mSATA SSD vs. SSHD (with mechanical parts and motor) for Windows. I'm not disabling Turbo boost when running on battery.



  1. Battery is Dell 97WHr, 9 cell, model CRT6P.
  2. No need for any AICPUPM patch on Haswell platforms. CPUPM is handled by the kernel for those, hence the need to patch it but AICPUPM can stay totally vanilla.
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