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Install Yosemite on E6220


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Hello, im new here and i try to build my first Hackintosh. I´m from German and my technical English isn´t great.


I read following instruction:




My Steps so far:

1. I downloaded Yosemite from the AppStore (with old 13´ Macbook Pro)

2. I prepared the USB-Drive

3. I´m not sure what to do at steps: 

20. I don´t know which Kernel folder i need, i took this one: 10.10.5 Vanilla Kernel

27. I downloaded the Chameleon Bootpack for 6220 here:



Everything fine so far?


I don´t know what to do here: BIOS:

Set to Default, apply, then set SATA Operations to AHCI

I don´t know how to do that, scared to do something wrong in BIOS


It would be great if somebody could help me, the german forums are not good. Sorry for my poor English




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I just did, i still don´t know what to do. I don´t understand the instructions, like i said i try it for the first time. I think i need step by step instructions for stupid. Please help, i really need to run Yosemite on that Dell.


I found out how to change Bios Settings and did it allready

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Yes, on the BIOS, select Load Defaults. Click Apply. Then navigate to System Configuration->SATA Operations, and set it to AHCI. Apply and Exit.


In the screen shot above, it looks like it can't find the kernel. Did you copy the vanilla kernel to /System/Library/Kernels/? You'll need to manually create the Kernels folder and drop the kernel there.

If you still encounter that error, then during boot, enter the following switch at the chameleon boot screen.

System/Library/Kernels/kernel -v -f


NullCPUPOwerManagement is already in the /Extra/Extensions folder so you won't encounter KP during and after the build. You can remove it and install the patched file from Hervé's link after you have successfully build your system.

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I read that with these vf flags before but i don´t get it, lost in translation.


You want me to push the letter v and f simultaneously? When do i need to do this?


1. I push F12 to get in Boot Mode

2. I choose Install OSX (from USB Drive)


After that i push VF letters simultaneously?

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