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E6540 - Capitan - Graphic bugs on Top - no Bluetooth


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Hi i try to install El Capitan on my E6540.. with an Wlan/Bluetooth bcm4352


I connect an HDD to intern Slot and make a copy with CCC..


I boot with a copy of the Clover folder on a new USB Stick and update the new intern HDD...


I can boot no problem... then i delete the AppleHPET.kext and restart... but no bluetooth work...

i used the new Bluetooth kext...


But i have the graphic bug again... :( see on the photo in the zip file...


I need help :)  thank you :)

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here I am again.. :)

I have install this for my HD4600


In Clover i used this





                <string>0x0a260006 9MB cursor bytes patch</string>
                <string>Bootloader Graphics - Second Stage Patch 1</string>


And kext in 10.11




Is it to much.. :) or need i all this ?

i don't now why... but now it works... :( it is crazy..


Is it possible to patch the AppleHDA via Clover patch?


for bluetooth i used this kext in 10.11



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The Graphic works.. thank you...

I used VoodooHDA


I have renamed your AppleHDA_ALC292 in AppleHDA.kext in S/L/E and copy the info plist and dsdt to EFI

And removed the Voodoohda files...


But no Audio... it is now ok... i think that's the last thing has to run...


But the bigger problem ist... the Laptop start sometimes directly in Hibernate... and then sometimes i don't can wake up... black screen..

Then i must boot with an extern hdd because the intern msata has the hibernated status and don't can boot...

after a restart with the extern hdd i can boot in the intern msata...

The problem I have for a long time... maybe it's work now with the new dsdt :)


Bluetooth don't work..



for 5 minutes... the same.. dell try to go to sleep... but only display black.. and then happen nothing... only push the power button and boot from the extern hdd... because clover boot menu the intern msata is in hibernated

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ok i try it.. but how can i fix the hibernate in Clover configurator?


I try it with the applehda.. can i used the AppleHDA_ALC292 in 10.11 folder?

soooo :) in 10.11 sound don'work.. but when i copy it in SLE all ok... cool thx... :)


HDMI Video Out works... when i plugin a hdmi cable.. great thank you :)

But Hdmi Audio don't work...


the last problems..


Is it by El Capitan the same? Delete AppleHPET?

Webcam don'work - work with Yosemite

Bluetooth don't work - work with Yosemite

USB 3.0 - work with Yosemite

Cardreader :)


Now the Dell boot everytime in Sleep.. when  i push the power button.. the screen stay black... and i have the hibernate problem back...

When i boot withe the internal hdd it works... sometimes... when i boot with my msata everytime boot in hibernate and don't wake up..


but i must used the msata the normal hdd is only a try... because i must used windows on it...

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i only can used USB 2.0... how can i fix it?


for the first ist is better to fix the hibernate boot... and i don't can wake up from hibernate...

when i can boot on el capitan and the laptop go to sleep.. don't wake up... only black screen...


and then the USB 3.0 problem... but i don't know how i can fix it..

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i think the problems with bluetooth and webcam are because USB makes problems...


i have try it....

when i wake up... i see for 2 seconds the screen.. i don't can used the trackpad and auto restart..


the problem on 10.10.5 and 10.11 is the same.. Laptop boot very often direct in hibernate....

but on 10.10.5 i can wake up... but not by 10.11


this is my first hackintosh with this problem.. :)why it boots into sleep...

that's really terrible :D


Perhaps i can update my Bios.. but then i get problems with my dsdt right?

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