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Mountain Lion - Kernel Panic


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Hi Guys,


first of all, I'm sorry for my bad English. (I'm very thankful for German Answers :-P)


I got an Latitude E5520 with i5 Processor, HD 3000 Graphics and 8GB RAM.

(For more information, just ask.)


Now the problem:

I installed ML with Carbon Copy Cloner cause' myHack does not work for me, (the installation succeed every time, but the boot of the USB will get an problem.) so CCC worked for me fine. It does boot correctly, I can install ML correctly, everything correctly. But when I want to boot my OSX Partition, it comes the fail "Kernel Panic" and something with debugging. I saw some kexts listed there.


So, I do not understand why it does not work to boot my OSX Drive ?!


PS: I'm an noob in Hackintosh Things, so please handle me like an noob.. :D


greetings from Germany,


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