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"Wheel of Fortune" is showing to often/long


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Hello, recently i have a problem. It just happened while i entered this Topic Title. I clicked into the Topic array and there it was, the "Wheel of Fortune". I needed to wait for about 30 seconds. Meanwhile i entered a few letters. After the "WOF" was finished the letters appeared in the Topic Title array.


It´s also happening while I click things on usual Websites.


If the "WOF" is showing up to long (about 2 min and longer) I push the Power-Button to restart the computer. Yesterday there was a black screen and it said like no operating system found. After restart it worked again.


What happened today after restart you are able to see in the picture.


 (the "WOF" just showed up while I´m entered this text before, for 66seconds)


I use chameleon/Yosemite/Dualboot Win10, only Safari running


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