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E6430 DSDT


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I have not have any issue using same DSDT on different BIOS version, CPU and memory is not relevant. You generate a different SSDT for your particular CPU.

If you like, you can extract the raw files from your current BIOS state and I'll patch it for you.

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Please see attached tar file. Below are the MD5 tasks of the DSDT/SSDTs, where SSDT-2 and SSDT-3X have the same hash. I did attempt to perform the some patching myself following RehabMan's Guide for powering off the NVS and getting sleep to work; however, I couldn't figure out the Power off portion and I thought I had gotten the sleep part applied but after initiating sleep and attempting to wake the laptop up, it crashed. On post I found that OPTIMUS was unchecked again and About This Mac showed the NVS...


MD5 (DSDT.aml) = 48acd9f2469082a642ad60699e4afc5b

MD5 (SSDT-0.aml) = aa5d3ce77760d305e3d74e908afbfce2

MD5 (SSDT-1.aml) = d14e5175e2aa0c96a56b7a42589f66b1

MD5 (SSDT-2.aml) = 4f68a989d20acd7298adbd0fb52c9e55

MD5 (SSDT-3x.aml) = 4f68a989d20acd7298adbd0fb52c9e55

MD5 (SSDT-4x.aml) = 6dd0c721c004ec500b48d36ec818b8b2

MD5 (SSDT-5x.aml) = 9ad7514c36e6a980af73e0d9dac214d5

MD5 (SSDT-6x.aml) = e18cfa8b2e52b3b3cf963737d4f532f5

MD5 (SSDT-7.aml) = 1bca32fad8a918fba1116983d190317e


What patches would you use?


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Are people able to get sleep to work on e6430 laptops with NVS GPUs? I'm seeing mixed information out there, can't tell if they are refering to e6430 with GPUs or ones without.


In order to get Sleep working, it does look like I will need some DSDT edits.

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