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/!\ WARNING: 10.11.4 update


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:excl: WARNING  :excl:


El Capitan offers 3 x additional updates after updating to 10.11.4:

  • iTunes 12.3.3
  • OS X El Capitan Recovery 1.0
  • Thunderbolt Firmware Update


Having installed those 3 further updates, I'm unable to boot my E6440 properly; system KPs on some CPU issue. I can only boot with Enoch option cpus=1.


Today I proceeded cautiously on my E6230, freshly updated to 10.11.4. I only installed the Thunderbolt update and, on reboot, I'm experiencing the same KP as with my E6440. Again, I can only reboot with option cpus=1.



I got the same on my E6220, having updated from 10.11.3 to 10.11.4 and installed the offered Recovery update.


After several other repated reinstallations and updates attempts on my E6220, E6230 and E6440, I can confirm that installing the Recovery and/or Thunderbolt update causes the problem. As such, I can only advise not to install any of those 2 specific updates on a Hackintosh until the issue is sussed out and a fix found.


These specific updates were not offered on my older C2D Latitude D630 so no issues on that one. The offending updates are probably linked to the SMBIOS profile used, though, that's just a guess at this point.

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'was able to boot a few times with options cpus=4. But it still KPs most of the time. Setting cpu to 2 is not sufficient to activate both cores of my dual-core, 2 threads per core i5-4300M.


Seems the issue is somehow related to bootloader. Still, something has clearly changed in 10.11.4...

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Folks i know what is causing the Kernel Panic. 


Remove the voodooPS2controller.kext from efi/clover/kext/others


this kext is what is causing the kernel panic. the version shipped even with clover 3389 is old. (version 1.8.9)  


removing this kext disables the keyboard and trackpad but it will boot normally every time. 


I found an updated voodooPS2Controller.kext on rehabman's repository (version 1.8.21) installing this to S/L/E will return keyboard functionality and no more Kernel Panics.. but it breaks Trackpad and Battery info. 


also found a slightly older version of the kext (version 1.8.16) this also resolves the kernel panic issue but has same issues as the 1.8.21 version, i.e no trackpad and no Battery info in task bar...

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