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Inspiron 5558 i5 5200u El Capitan


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Hello! Here is my Inspiron 5558 config:


i5 5200u Broadwell

Intel HD 5500 + NVIDIA 920m (I know this one won't work)

ALC 3234

Dell Wireless (I know I'll have to get another wireless card)

Realtek RTL8106E or RTL8111G ethernet (don't know exactly which one)

Realtek SD card reader.


I want to install el capitan on my laptop but I don't know where should I start. Can you help me with some step by step guide please?


UPDATE 15.05.2016:


With the help of Jake Lo I have fully working El Capitan 10.11.4


Brightness Control - WORKING



Ethernet - WORKING


Webcam - WORKING

Bluetooth - WORKING (replaced with Dell DW1560 card)

Wireless - WORKING (replaced with Dell DW1560 card)

SD Card Reader - NOT WORKING (it's Realtek so no chance it's gonna work in OSX)


Here is my bootpack 5558_HD5500.zip

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Try this guide. Use the bootpack in post #2 (Inspiron 5548). It's very similar to your system specs. Leave out the DSDT/SSDT in /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Patched.
When you first boot to the USB installer and seeing the Clover GUI, hit F4. Then select Install OS X El Capitan.
This should get you to install and have a semi working system. From your USB Installer, compress and upload the /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin folder.
I'll patch those files for you.
Also check out my E7450 guide, specifically the prerequisite of setting the DVMT to 96MB.

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Thank your for your guide! I have semi working system now:


battery status - working

ethernet - working


screen brightness - not working

sound - not working

sleep - not working

card reader - not working


Here is my acpi origin folder. Can you help me with patching please?


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I don't exactly know where I can find info about QE/CI (I remember it was available in system report in snow leopard) but animation is smooth so I suppose it works.

I've set DVMT through EFI shell (i do not have that setting in bios).

I placed your files on my EFI partition where clover installed to /EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched and now I'm stuck during boot process :(

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