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Toshiba satellite u840w ultrabook 14" 21:9" El Capitan


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Hi all i install el capitan with clover on my Toshiba satellite u840w ultrabook all working good except sleep, after sleep laptop open again and i have black screen . my screen id is 0x01660009 1792x768 


laptop specs :


- intel i5 3317u 1.7ghz with turbo boost 2.6ghz

- intel hd 4000

- audio working with voodoohda.kext only i try hda patch but no luck.

- 4gb ram

- screen 1792x768 working

- wifi change with atheros

- camera work

- app store work facetime work 

- dsdt patch


brightness slider  work but not key (fn+f2-f3)

this is my efi clover folder with DSDT & SSDT , etc. 

i need help with sleep please.










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change macbook pro 9.2 to macbookair 5.2 cpus working better but sleep not working .

install dsdt patch system_HPET and system_IRQ but nothing......eny idea?


I Install osx on mSATA SSD maybe blame this and  what does not work ?


how to and function key for brightness control ? on windows and ubuntu using fn+f2 f3

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Your Config file is corrupted. Looks like you try adding some AppleHDA patches, remove the 1st 3 AppleHDA patches should fix it.

As for display issue after sleep, have you tried different ig-platform-id?

Try 0x01660004 or 0x01660003


Brightness control, try Fn+Pause and Fn+scrollLock, works on Dell, can't confirm on Toshiba.

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Jake Lo thanks for respond i tried different ig-platform-id but i have black screen and not boot ....also fn key to tell me not work .I remove all AppleHDA patches audio work fine with voodoohda.


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Just to clarify things regarding framebuffers:

  • HD3000 graphics of Sandy Bridge CPUs i3/i5/i7 2xxx CPUs is handled by SNB frame buffer kext
  • HD4000 graphics of Ivy Bridge CPUs i3/i5/i7 3xxx CPUs is handled by Capri frame buffer kext
  • HD4x00/5000 + Iris 5x00 graphics of Haswell CPUs i3/i5/i7 4xxx CPUs is handled by Azul frame buffer kext

You have an Ivy Bridge i5-3317U CPU with integrated HD4000 graphics so the Capri FB is the only one of concern on your laptop.

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there is a case to be corrected in some way;


0x01620005 HD 4000 Desktop 

0x01660000 HD 4000 Mobile
0x01660001 HD 4000 Mobile
0x01660002 HD 4000 Mobile
0x01660003 HD 4000 Mobile 
0x01660004 HD 4000 Mobile - 1600x900 yada 1920x1080
0x01660008 HD 4000 Mobile 
0x01660009 HD 4000 Mobile 
0x0166000A HD 4000 Desktop 
0x0166000B HD 4000 Desktop

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You're not the 1st one to do this but do not confuse your hardware id + revision id with graphics FrameBuffer layout id. It's not the same at all. Just because you have an HD4000 GPU with hardware id 0166 and revision 9 does not mean you use HD4000/Capri layout-id 0x01660009. Far from it, but it does not mean that it should not either...


Many (most?) IvyBridge Hackintosh laptops with HD4000 graphics will actually use layout-id 0x01660003.


Look at my E6230 for instance (i5-3340M CPU)... SysProfiler shows device id 0166 with hardware revision 9, but we use layout-id 0x0166003 in the DSDT:


           Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized)  // _DSM: Device-Specific Method            {
                If (LEqual (Arg2, Zero))
                    Return (Buffer (One)
                Return (Package (0x04)
                    Buffer (0x04)
                         0x03, 0x00, 0x66, 0x01                         
                    Buffer (0x0A)
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