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Dell Inspiron N5010 OS X install


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Hi averyone , I have some problems with instalation of OsX (Siera (not only , I try to install an El Capitan and Yosemite  )) .

Using Clover Version 2.3 rev 3726;


My Laptom configuration:

Dell inspirion N5010

Core i3-350m(with integred video card)

SSD Kingston (SSDNow) 120gb


I`m using boot argumests: -v -kext-dev-mode=1.

When boot start after some time i got this erros(in jpg file).


Instalation in download from internet i tryed to install it on another laptop( i dont remember . i think it was old one Lenovo with core i7-3570m also worked in interal video card) and it work. In Bios i chose sata mode like  AHCI .


Thank you. 


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Ok, so this seems to be an Arrandale platform (1st gen Core i3-350M with 1st gen Intel HD graphics on HM57 Series 5 chipset).


As such, in your Clover config.plist, you should have:

  • P-States + C-States generation activated
  • SSDT/DMAR tables drop removed
  • KernelPm / Asus AICPUPM / KernelLAPIC disabled
  • InjectIntel activated in Graphics tab
  • SMBIOS set to MacBookPro6,1 or 6,2

You may also want to remove those DSDT fixes (in ACPI tab) to begin with.


In a subsequent phase, I'd also recommend you tune your FakeSMC kext to MBP6,1/6,2 keys (1.57f18/smc-piketon) as detailed here. This will ensure that, once you get rid of NullCPUPM, you enjoy full native CPU power management.

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