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E7470: some issues with Sierra

Felix Ye

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I installed Sierra following the guide. Generally is ok, but some issues. 

Please give me some advice.




Not working:


Not found WiFi (Replaced with DW1560)






Audio with patched AppleHDA






Display : 1336x768


At the top of the display, has a black area (flashing).




I have attached bootpack (EFI) 



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That's why the guide says El Capitan and not Sierra.

Update the following files. I've also got HDMI audio working.

There's no fix for the artifacts on the upper left corner at the moment though, known issue for Intel HD 530/520/515 in Sierra.


Update: Artifact fix can be found here

Added to files below


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If you have replaced the Config file and installed FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext and FakePCIID.kext to /L/E, it should work as did your bluetooth.

make sure it's not disabled in the BIOS or been turned off accidentally with Fn+PrtScr

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you probably need to add this patch in clover kexts to patch courtesy of darkvoid it is pretty much mandatory for sierra and brcm4360 based cards like DW1550/DW1560

Kext: AirPortBrcm4360
Find: 81F952AA00007529 
Replace: 81F952AA00006690
Comment:  initialize the fvco (frequency voltage controlled oscillator)

boot without caches after adding patch.

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