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E5540 i7-4600u


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it's my bios config :


bios ver. : A.06

boot sequence-> UEFI

Enable legacy option ROMs

integrated nic -> disable

parallel port -> AT

sata operation -> AHCI

drives -> sata-0  sata-1  sata-2 sata-3

usb config -> enable boot

                      enable external usb port

                      enable usb 3.0

secure boot -> disabled

virtualization -> disabled ( i try enable it's same)

vt for direct I/O -> disabled


it's good ?

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You should enable integrated NIC, but that's not what causes the issue you experience.


System reset on a Haswell platform is often due to absence of kernel power management (PM) patch. Make sure you enable KernelPm patch in your Clover config.plist (AsusAICPUPM patch is not required on Haswell and later platforms).


If you used JakeLo's bootpack, you should be Ok, as long as you installed it in the right place of course: the hidden EFI partition that you'll 1st mount with Clover Configurator.

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