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Sony VPCJ116FD / PCG-11211L with Yosemite on Chameleon


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I need some to to make it work.

any feed back will be really appreciate.


system spec.,

Sony Vaio All-in-One VPCJ116FD or PCG-11211L

Intel Core i3-350m @ 2.26GHz CPU

8GB DDR3 memory

nVidia GeForce 310m 512MB video card

Atheros AR9B95 Wireless-N

Marvell Yukon 88E8057 / 88E8057 PCIe GB Ethernet

Realtek HD audio (can't find the model/chipset)

21.5-inch touchscreen @ 1920x1080


Yosemite 10.10.5

Bootloader: Chameleon

SMBios:       iMac 11,1

chameleon.boot: Graphics Enabler=yes, Graphics mode=1920x1080, kext-dev-mode=1, darkwake=0


I have installed OS X on it(with nv_disable=1), but can't get any of the drivers works.



OSX recognized the Video Card, and showed the video card correctly in About This Mac,  it will boot up with BLACK screen(i can see the HDD still running), if I boot it with nv_disable=1, I can get into the system no problem, but the video performance is terrible.



AR9B95 should work OOB without any additional kext, but in doesn't detect by OSX,



not detect (not sure if it going to work)



when check with DPCIManager, it shows 0x80863B56 / 0x104D9074



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hmm i3-350m has built in graphics. do you have Optimus video switching on that machine?

no any option in BIOS for video setting.

as you can see from above screen shot, the video card recognized by OSX correctly, i need some boot option to make it run properly.



For audio, you may try to install VoodooHDA + AppleHDADisabler, even if temporarily. DPCIManager may then show the specs of the Realtek audio.

video and WiFi are my 1st priority.

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Booting normally to a black screen is often a sign of EDID issues. When you boot with nVidia disabled, does OS X show a built-in LCD in About This Mac->Displays ? If nothing is shown, try the following:

  • go to the Sharing PrefPane and setup screen sharing
  • take a note of the provided vnc connection details
  • reboot normally to your black screen
  • if you have another Hack of Mac on your network, go to Connect to Server..., then browse to see your Hack and select screen sharing access
  • If you don't have another Mac or Hack on your network, use a PC on which you'll install VNC and access the Hack remotely using the details listed when you shared the screen
  • You may then access your Hack and find you have full graphics acceleration. Check if the built-in screen is detected in About this Mac -> Displays


If OS X reports no detected display, you'll have to retrieve your PC's EDID through, say, Windows and inject it through a modification of the Display Override profile applicable to your system.

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my actual screen is 21.5-inch,
The wifi should work on this computer, but it didn't show up in system, i have not find out how to make the LAN work on this computer yet, beside, it doesn't have BT, am I still able to see this Hackintosh from another Hack?
also, I noted the last message on screen before go to BLACK screen is:
AGPM Controller unknownPlatform
will this give you some hint?


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