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HP 350G2 Intel HD4400 only 4 MB


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I succeeded to install OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 on a HP 350 G2 laptop.


Unfortunately the Intel HD4400 graphics mobile version is not running properly.

It shows only 4 MB of space. There is no graphic acceleration available at the moment.


Attached please find my EFI-directory. 


I am using the following kexts:


FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext from Rehabman

FakePCIID.kext from Rehabman


and the following settings:


Fake ID for Intel GFX 0x04128086

Intel inject

ig-platform-id 0x0a260006


No kext to patch is used at the moment.


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Sorry Herve, it is not a Intel HD4600 Desktop my graphics card is a Intel HD4400 mobile.


I tried tou use your Fake ID 0x80860412 but it does not work. It still shows 4 MB.


I tried the Fake ID 0x04128086 too. There is no chance.


Could it be that I have to use a different SMBIOS?

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My E7440 also has HD4400 and fakeID 0x04128086 works perfectly. Tried your version of Clover 4012 and latest 4035, both without issue. If I reverse the fakeID as Hervé stated, I'll lost graphics acceleration with 7 MB. So I guess the developer of Clover Configurator has the value reversed.

MBA 6.2 is fine for Haswell system, it's also what I use.


Try launching DPCIManager and post the status and the PCI List here.


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@OliverZ: Apple has no native support for mobile Haswell iGPU; that's why all laptops based on mobile HD4200/HD4400/HD4600 iGPU must fake desktop HD4600 model (id 8086:0412).


Of course, you could try MBP11,1 or MBP11,2 SMBIOS, but I had no graphics issue using MBA6,2 on my mobile HD4600-based E6440.

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Until now I have no solution for the graphics acceleration under OS X El Capitan.


It still shows only 4 MB with no graphics acceleration.


I use the Fake-ID for Intel GFX 0x04128086


- No Intel inject

- No device-id used, as the kexts from Rehabman don't need the intel inject, because

  it's done by the info.plst of the kext.


Attached please find the screens done with the DCPI-Manager.





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