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How to install Sierra to Latitude E6430?


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Hey! I have tried installing Sierra to Latitude E6430. I have got to some weird place where i have to select language and when i press continue it doesnt do anything. 

Specs: Intel i5-3320M 2.6GHz

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000

16 GB ram

256Gb SSD

Network: Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300 AGN


Bios is A16.



I have mac where i can download sierra and 3.0 usb disk. Can someone link me to working guide and tell if i need anything special.



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you might have to downgrade your bios to A03 then Back to A012. because of graphics glich.

How? I tried searching it yesterday but got no luck. 


EDIT: I found the correct page i think. Which of these would work the best?














EDIT: I updated A12, i searched some other examples and then just chose that one. Does that work?

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Here is one, bootpack on post #2

Which of these do i have to download?



 - IvyBridge

    El Capitan

    zip.gif  E6230.zip  


This one?


Sorry, i must be really stupid but i just don't know lot about this. :)


And must i boot in UEFI or Legacy. Thanks for help! I really appreciate it!

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0xAAt3D.jpgAfter i created the usb stick it just boots here. When i press continue it just comes back to this screen. What package must i download and do i have to follow UEFI or Legacy. Then when i was in the stage where i had to move the E6430 kexts and other to EFI partition it didn't had similar files. It had EFI folder where it had the files that suppose to replace. Hope for help! Thanks alot! :)

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Did the BIOS update again how you said. Now i am doing the UEFI boot installer. Everything else is easy i think, but i didn't understand this stage.




Do i have to transfer the files in E6430 to the root of the EFI partition or to the EFI folder and do i delete the EFI folder after that?

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