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[FIXED] Help to install Sierra on E5520 with Legacy Clover


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Regrettably, it is remaining stubborn.


I added the new EFI folder to the EFI partition of the USB drive, replacing the previous.


Looked like the change observed this round was that the Clover menu only offered to boot from the installer itself.


It looks to be dropping off in the same place.


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Hi Jake,


To confirm, I am using the EFI_4077.zip file.  I am extracting it, creating an EFI folder, which contains a CLOVER sub-folder.


I am then taking your updated E5520_A14.zip file, extracting it, and then moving its contents (the 2 config.plist files, ACPI folder & contents, and kexts folder & contents) to the aforementioned CLOVER sub-folder.


I then am copying this EFI folder with all those files and folders within to the EFI partition of my USB installer, replacing the EFI folder that's already there.


Is this not the desired or intended approach?

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Is it known whether the part of the boot process where this is stopping has something to do with SSDT/DSDT files?


Or would the consideration be that this is purely something with the config.plist file's contents that needs to be addressed ultimately?


Is there anything on my end I could do?  Any value for me pressing F4 at the Clover screen to produce files to evaluate?

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