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Dell Latitude E6230 with i7 and SSD


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Hello there,


I´m Walter. I´ve been reading a couple of months about the whole hackintosh thing. I´m an original apple user but got disappointed by the latest actions conceitning the AIR and the MB. Therefore I decided to get me a small hackintosh as an upgrade for my 2013 AIR. 


I just got my hands on a cheap e6230 with a dead battery ad nearly dead battery. According to my readings that would fit specifikations more than suitable, whilst there a many guide already out there.


I decided to take clover and follow the instructions on insane... this is where i got a hint for this board.


Everything went fine but now i´m stuck on (post)installing, therefore booting my Sierra for the first time an generating a descpicable DSST-File.


I´d really appreciate someone to help me clearing this installation with me cause i choose this machine because of the promised easy setup and wanted to gather knowledge through the update and/or customizing process.


Right now I´m close to just order a new MB for rent, because I´m just a student working on my MA right and ain´t got no time to work me into things, wich would be needed to get my machine working.


Maybe learning WIN-Crap is more suitable or getting a new MB via financing would be better. Dunno. Please help.


Greetings, Walter.

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Sorry for beeing late, got some trouble the last days...


I´ve got an e6230


A11 Bios

I7-3520M CPU

16gb Crucial Kit 1600mhz


750gb Seagate Momentus HD or 128GB Intenso SSD


TP-Link TLWN725N Wlan adapter


TIll now, I was not able to create my own CPU-Bootpack. Maybe someone could give me any advice?


Pike R Alpha's SSDT generator tool should work fine here, but i surely don´t get the point how to use it.


Thanks in advance and a lot <3

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