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  2. Changing topic title since we've gone way past audio issues in 10.14.1...
  3. You may simply enable/activate the Clover AICPUPM patch rather than those kexts that have become a little obsolete with the demise of old Chameleon. Even Enoch offered on-the-fly AICPUPM patch in the end.
  4. Hi Hervé. The patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kexts works for my Xeon W3690 (Gulftown) as well. My HP Z400 hangs with a Kernel panic at boot with vanilla AICPUPM kext (Mojave 10.14.4) but using your patched kext it works fine despite is not a Sandy/Ivy Bridge cpu. Thank you!! Rob
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  6. Hi, i'm trying to install Mojave on my e5550. I created a usb stick with unibegast. The boot up works completely, the installation starts. BUT: I can not use the keyboard or mouse. Tried USB keyboard/mouse same thing. any suggestions? cheers .d
  7. hello there, I cleaned out my system and now I have one ssd with Mojave 10.4.2 and one clover boot manager. Before I had 2 or more entries on two or more efi partitions and wasn't really sure, where was were. So now I would like to update to 10.4.4 but get stuck in the install boot up with a kextstall (240) APPLEACPI...... and nothing happens then. Something is inside the deeps of the system what doesn't fit. And the bluetooth is gone, since I changed the system somewhat. I attached my system files and debug reports, hope it isn't missing something... Thank you for your help.... debug_22874.zip
  8. @Achille In the future, please use the forum Spoiler facility for such posts. Thank you. I don't think many people will bother to read that stuff you posted but if you want to verify CPU power management, there are 2 x little tools at your disposal: Intel Power Gadget HWMonitor app (available alongside FakeSMC and its Plugins which are required for proper monitoring). See here for instance.
  9. Wake issue usually is USB related or you need to disable the discrete graphics. You don't have the systems specs or clover folder you're using to help you further.
  10. This laptop have combo card inside l wifi & BT Atheros AR9485, system is high Sierra 10.13.6 : - wifi work - BT found in system but don't work . It don't show other device in search
  11. Thanks Jake Lo, installation works fine now, but the HDMI is not working. Any tip about that?
  12. Now I working on patch pie R alpha i make..... this is result ...
  13. Thank you for the reply @Hervé. I am %100 sure that I have the vanilla IO80211 kext in SLE. Because I did nothing to patch that, and only followed the guide from Jake Lo to install Mojave to my Dell E7450. As far as I understand there is nothing in his guide that alters IO80211Family kext. So, I am not sure why this problem caused. Anyhow, I rebuilt the cache and still there is no wifi. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  14. Have you tested on 4K displays? I worked on this for 2 days, still cannot make 9020SFF work on 4K displays.
  15. I can't see anything wrong or obvious in your debug pack. Clover config appears Ok to me, you're not injecting any kext that would not be required or using unnecessary boot options/flags. The only thing I noticed is that you have some add-on kexts in /L/E (like the Broadcom firmware patching kexts) that appear to be ignored. Kexts injection looks active (FakeSMC in E/C/k/O, not in LE or SLE) from your Clover EFI folder. IOReg output shows that no kext loaded for your DW1820A. As such, I am wondering if you have the full vanilla IO80211Family kext in SLE without any mods or any additional kext that would prevent AirPortBrcm4360 + AirPortBrcm4331 to load... Please check that and then rebuild your cache through Terminal: sudo chmod -Rf 755 /S*/L*/E* sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /S*/L*/E* sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E* sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E* sudo touch -f /S*/L*/E* sudo touch -f /L*/E* sudo kextcache -i /
  16. Hello, Sleep isn't working on my Inspiron 5558 Broadwell. If I try to make it sleep using "Apple Menu->Sleep", only the screen goes off but it doesn't sleep, also it doesn't respond to keyboard\mouse clicks to make the screen on again, and I must force-restart it. And closing the lid makes the screen goes off, and opening it turns the screen on again, but no sleep. Another observation is that if I left the device to be idle, it restarts after the screen goes off within some minutes. Note: Inserting these fully-patched ACPI files 5558_A14.zip into my config (with Drop OEM=true) fixes the sleep issue, with same kext and config I use, so what am I trying to do if I have working files? I'm trying to patch from scratch using clover fixes\patches to replace patched static files. Currently I have good results, with almost everything working AFAIK-Test, except sleep (didn't test HDMI and SD card reader). I was working with DiffMerge and it helped me to figure some applied patches on the files, but I couldn't spot patches related to power/sleep problem. So, any suggestion to a solution for that problem? Also suggest tests to be made for some corner cases or rare situations\scenarios that may help to verify that my current patch is stable. My ACPI files. 5558_Broadwell_A14_ACPI.zip Thanks
  17. Thank you for the reply @Hervé. According to Ioregisteryexplorer I have the card defined correctly under the PCI bridge. Also, it seem to be the original Broadcom card. Also, I listened your advice and deleted AirportBrcmFixup, and listened to Jake Lo's advice from the other post and deleted FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi and FakePCIID kexts. Anyhow, I know that without the debug files there is no point in explaining, so here it is. Thank you in advance. debug_27872.zip
  18. If all you want is list devices in your SysProfiler->PCI section, it's a simple matter of: identification of the devices location IOReg (ACPI device & address) injection of the devices properties into DSDT via a _DSM method under the identified ACPI device (hundreds of example on the forum) or injection of properties through Clover (as per DW1820A guide for instance)
  19. After using BCM94350zae I had problems replacing BCM94352Z. Now I want to show how pci works @Hervé
  20. Yesterday
  21. I've just given a hand to a new member who's installed Mojave on his Latitude 5490, fitted with a DW1820A. He could not get the card to work properly either, stating that the card would only work Ok a few minutes then cause severe lag or performance degradation. After a few minutes checking his machine, it was found that: AirportBrcmFixup kext was injected by Clover -> removed Vanilla IO80211Family kext was in /S/L/E -> Ok Incorrect BrcmFirmware kexts were being injected through Clover -> corrected A kext called AirPortBrcmNIC-MFG was present in /S/L/E -> removed Installation was said to be full vanilla with Chris1111's installation tool. Member confirmed he did not manually add the AirportBrcmNIC-MFG kexts to /S/L/E and that the partition was freshly formatted before installation, so it must have been done by Chris1111's tool. This AirportBrcmNIC-MFG kext was last seen in High Sierra and it was understood as a replacement for AirportBrcm4360... Anyway, once the above defects were corrected (and all add-on kexts copied to /L/E, permissions repaired and cache rebuilt), the DW1820A started to work perfectly, as expected and as described in my setup guide, with no performance degradation on the Latitude 5490. So guys, please double/triple check your installation setups before posting about your non-working DW1820A.
  22. By the way, you did not have a DW1820A but a Lenovo/Foxconn T77H649.00 (subsystem id 17aa:075a)...
  23. @bluesbendeer, if you want more support, please post your debug package as posted above by @ameeno. Without this, we're blind and can't assist.
  24. tkankyou @Hervé. I switched to dw1560. Can you show me how to show PCI of Intel HD 620 and DW1560
  25. Thank you, it works now! Yes, it's in a caddy. What's weird is that I don't remember such problem after updating to 10.14.2 a few months ago.
  26. display issue. At Clover gui, press O to get to Options. Go down to Graphics Injector and select it Select FakeID and platform-id and change it to 0x12345678 Once installation is done, you can boot regularly
  27. Is the second drive in a caddy? try adding this kext AppleAHCIPort.kext.zip
  28. Last week
  29. Hello. I also have some problems with getting this card working. Recently I bought Dell e7450, and followed Jake Lo's guide to install Mojave, and everything went smooth and I had a functioning system. Previously I was using a dell dw1510 card for Lenovo T420, but since that card is not M.2 I bought a Dw 1820a and installed it. As Herve described in his guide, when I first installed the card it was impossible to use the machine due to lag. Later on I followed his guide to tweak Clover settings, and it started to work! But there is a small problem, after browsing the internet some time the same thing happens and I lose the internet connection and pc starts to lag to a point which only way to make it work is to reboot again. I am not sure why this problem occurs and I was wondering if there is any solution. Thanks in advance for the reply.
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