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  2. Additional info: I have checked the originally used Efi folder for my installation downloaded from this side (guide from post 1) and there the config.plist contains MBP8,2. So my question: was the starting point already wrong? Is it better to make a clean install instead of tweaking around (not really sure what I am doing)? What guide should I use? or can someone prepare me a setup (efi and all Needed add-pons)? Thanks
  3. Try upload the firmware via Windows or virtual machine windows. Remember to release the uploaded firmware first.
  4. Well, I tried again BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext ( with BCM4350C5_003.006.007.0221.4688_v8784.hex ) plus BrcmPatchRAM2.kext ( modified ), put them into /L/E, rebuilt cache and repaired permissions with hackintool (I don't like this method since since 10.15 we won't be able to modify /L/E). After releasing the firmware uploaded via windows, I boot into macOS and firmware version turned to v7 c4688, which means I uploaded the firmware. However the paired bluetooth devices kept disconnecting and reconnecting, won't work at all. Since I'm not using latitude, I'm not sure if I could get this problem fixed here. It could be related to USB map. But I'll stay with my old windows-uploading method until I got some spare time testing it.
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  6. Optiplex 9020 Mid Tower... Installed the Archer T6E wifi card.. and since that day, the audio never works. Opening the Sound system preference crashes the entire machine. I tried installing the boot pack for mojave as uploaded in the posts above. I am new to Hackintosh.... Am I doing anything wrong? I can provide any information, which might help resolve this issue. Otherwise the machine is blazing fast.
  7. Well, I finally returned from a long business trip. I made some progress on using this card, and the most important thing is, I never correctly upload any version of firmware via macOS. Basically, according to BrcmPatchRam's instructions, you will need an injector (brcmpatchram2 or custom injector) and a firmware store ( brcmfirmwarerepo or brcmfirmwaredata or a brcmfirmwarerepo including customized firmware). After trying so many combinations, I could see correct firmware version I was uploading from SysInf, I could detect bluetooth devices around, I can even make connections, but those devices just won't work. Now I'm uploading the firmware via windows, then reboot into macOS with a modified BrcmNonPatchRAM2.kext. That's it. There's no need for BrcmPatchRam2, Fixairport, brcmfx-driver=x. The macOS will try to load the cached firmware uploaded by Windows, and works perfect. You may check here for details and my latest build. https://github.com/zanderzhng/EFI_Asrock_Z390_Phantom_ITX#bluetooth I walked through threads in recent months, and are going to try the kexts uploaded by you guys. Hopefully I can upload the firmwares via macOS itself.
  8. Hi Jake Lo, Actually I did download Herve's files and installed the kext in L/E as well as injected in in E/C/K. Now I did it again with the provided file (Installation with Kextbeast in L/E, rebuild cache with Kextupdater, update in E/C/K, restart) and for me the result seems the same as the kext is not loaded. I assume now that I am doing something basically wrong (remember Newbie). What is this or where is the problem? Thanks for your help
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  10. USBInjector.kext is still hardcoded to MBP8,2 You need to replace it with the one in Hervé's bootpack hardcoded to MBP8,1 since you switched SMBios to MBP8,1 NVM, I attached it here. USB_Injector.kext.zip
  11. Ok, I see your IGPU is HD 4400, you'll need to add fakeID = 0x04128086 or add under Properties device-id and data = 12040000
  12. Both Config and Config-QECI found in your attachment has fakeID set to 0x12345678 Are you using a different Config for QE/CI?
  13. My supplier ID is 0x44e, or the Alps I found a patch that gives me the ability to handle gestures on my touchpad. I'll try and let you know https://github.com/blankmac/AlpsT4USB/releases
  14. Audio does not work on both config.plist. I've tried different layoutID Maybe my laptop needs a DSDT patch?
  15. Gents, can you please check my debug files. According to my SysInfo Extensions, some (a lot of) kexts are not loaded, including USBInjector.kext. As far as I understood, this is base f.ex. for Bluetooth. Let me know what you see. BTW: Freezes have not appeared since 2 day, which is good. Thanks
  16. Ah no it was only set temporarily during the boot I did so I could get in and get the debug files. In the photos where it gives the problems, it is not set hence there is QE/CI (I can see the transparency and also it moves things rapidly. But the screen artifacts all over the place
  17. Yeah, the preference pane is not available for USB installer, only after you have MacOS installed, then it's available. The circle slash state means it's not detecting your installer...USB issue. Probably just need to all the port limits patches by PMHeart for the version of Mojave you're installing and USBInjectAll.kext
  18. I have created 4 different usb install keys, installed clover. Was able to install above 64efi collection. Updated them all Copied kexts to other folder plus 15 folder Added HFSPlus.efi to 64 folder. Never able to add clover pane. never available (opened closed - checked different scripts just not available, ghosted out "skip". I am now at a circle slash state on the thumb drive booting, think I can fix that. Any help appreciated. CLOVER.zip
  19. Can't really tell since the error occurred way before that last line. Try this, go to Option during Clover boot. Go down to graphics injector and change ig-platform-id to 0x12345678 and faked to 0x12345678 see if you could boot from that
  20. Yes I did I tried with and without -igfxvesa hangs same place
  21. are you still booting with -igfxvesa?
  22. Yes, current version of Clover v4988 has removed/ left out some drivers. Try to find an older version. Try this one
  23. Nothing is added to the Config other than adding layoutid 15 for audio and add 2 DSDT patches for I2C. I looked at both IOReg, Nvidia is loaded on both. Your touchpad might be an Alps I2C so you only have basic movements, no gesture. Audio doesn't seen to be working on both IOReg. Have you tested the different layoutID?
  24. I have been loading up every mojave image I can find, patching in but stuck right away. I don't want to waste your time posting a log that isn't even in the ballpark of correct. I have been switching usb thumbdrives and ports and I'm embarrassed to say that I'm now stuck on simple clover setup. I have gone back to the basics: 1) Createmedia - no problem 2) Load up latest clover and change destination to usb thumbdrive - no problem 3) Select proper efi files ... Problems. The files listed in the tutorial eg.Drivers64UEFI\DataHubDxe-64 are not listed. The Drivers64UEFI directory is not listed. Is this because I'm running Clover from a High Sierra Hackintosh or because I'm simply getting too old and should stick to fishing? I was getting stuck on this so I was manually installing the 64 files but with little success, thats why I turned to the predone images. Thank you for your time and patience, it is very much appreciated. Dell Inspiron 5548 - BIOS A09 - i5-5200U - 2.2Ghz - 12288MB 1600 MHz - KINGSTON 240GB SSD
  25. Thanks -igfxvesa works I managed to format APFS install macos it rebooted 2 times but now Im stuck at this
  26. You're amazing. My GPIO is now well attached. My touchpad now works much more smoothly, but does not support gestures. I changed my old confing.plist by looking at what you sent me. I only made changes to the touchpad. Your confing.plist witch touchpad + audio does not work very well. The system gets up very long - around 5 minutes and I do not have any picture from the external monitor. I use my precision7520 with the K09A docking station - just like in the pictures. It seems to me that my second graphics card on your config.plist is off I am sending ioreg with your config.plist and my in which I corrected the touchpad thanks to you one more thing - after moving the kext to /E/C/K/Other they are not loaded. I do not know why this is happening. Now they are in L/E touchpad.zip
  27. add the following boot arg until you finish installing. Basically it needs the Graphics kext to be cached before the patches from the Config file will work. I think I have stated this a few posts above for another member. At Clover, press "O" to get to Options. Append this to the end of the boot arg -igfxvesa
  28. thanks a lot you were right after adding HFSPlus.efi i was able to boot much further but now Im stuck at IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0,bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0
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