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  3. Replace DSDT and Config with attached Use Fn+F3 and Fn+Insert to control Brightness BirghtnessFix.zip
  4. Hey all, recently been trying to get Mojave up and running on my e6230 following this guide, using this bootpack and using this DSDT file (which fixed my sleep on lid close problems). I'm happy that most everything is working so far (besides the battery indicator seeming inaccurate although I haven't had time to fully test it yet), except for one problem -- I can't change the screen brightness at all, with the option missing altogether from System Preferences > Displays. I've attached my debug report to this post, hopefully it'll help you guys out. Thanks a bunch in advance. debug_24781.zip
  5. Thank you (and Hervé), work very well now (DW1820A, CN-08PKF4). Cold boot and restart no problem, the wifi card is still recognize.
  6. Here, replace with this SSDT. Post new IOREG if it's still not disabled As for USB issue using MBP15,1, different SMBIOS handles USB ports differently, and MBP15,1 does not have USB 2.0. SSDT-DDGPU.aml.zip
  7. Hi Jake, thank you very much I think I have the audio working now. I think one of the issues was I need to use MBP11,1 but I really don't understand why for example the webcam would not work with MBP15,1 ? I still would like to know how to disabled the right address please.
  8. I have removed VodooHDA.kext since its conflicting with AppleALC.kext I have changed the SMBIOS to MBP11,1 so its now MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) I have unchecked DropOEM and checked AutoMerge instead I am not sure how I can fix the right address in SSDT-DDGPU.aml Now The webcam works The sound in the TV via HDMI while playing youtube is seriously delayed and distorted keeps dropping out still. Thank you.
  9. Hi idjundje, you will have to replace the wireless card, e.g. with a DW1560. I would upgrade the memory, 4GB is quite low. Create an install stick and use the bootlick for the e5550. I attached my clover folder, maybe it of some kind of help for you. cheers .d CLOVER.zip
  10. It booted with the igfxvesa argument. But it came up searching for a bluetooth mouse. i deleted the voodoops2mouse and trackpad, added the appleps2controller kext. Now it is booting into the language selection, but i still have no mouse and keyboard. Clover folder is attached. CLOVER.zip
  11. I've been doing further testing on my latitude, and this is still the only reliable way of getting bluetooth to work on DW1820A, via @Naidis I tried extracting the exact .hex file from windows and attempting to upload it on MacOS, but that exhibits the same unstable behaviour as other firmwares unfortunately. Hopefully we find a better way forward somehow...
  12. If you pause at about 1/4 off the video you'll see that it KP with the Kabylake Framebuffer. Boot with this arg until you finish installation, then you should be able to boot normally. There are patches already in place to fix the issue but it needs the kexts to be cached in order to patch it on the fly. So boot with -igfxvesa
  13. Hi Jake, here are the specs: 210-AKCJ : Dell Latitude 5580, CTO 492-BBXF : 65-Watt-Netzadapter, 3-polig 555-BDGD : Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8265 (802.11ac) 2x2 320-BCCR : 15,6Zoll HD 1366 x 768 Reflexionsarm Keine Touch-Funktion mit Kamera, WLAN-fähig 379-BCTP : Intel Core i5-6200U Prozessor der 6. Generation (Dual Core, 2,3GHz, 3MB Cache) 346-BCET : Dual Point Palmrest with No Security 370-ADIB : 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4 2400MHz Speicher 400-AOQN : M.2 256GB SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive 409-BBKS : Intel Rapid Storage Technology 451-BBXT : Hauptakku, 3 Zellen, 42 Wh I attached a video of the boot process, it's shortened, if you need the longer version pls let me know. Clover folder attached as well. I took the Clover folder from this post: TIA for your help .d IMG_4302.m4v.zip CLOVER.zip
  14. Well, like I said before, you probably didn't load firmware successfully.
  15. Where did you fake the card to show it being a different card? I'd like to mess with it and get my dw1820a working as well. Please advise thanks!
  16. *UPDATE* I was able to bypass the loading screen and finally load into the desktop. Had to make some changes to the config file to the ig-platform-id (0x59160009) Bluetooth shows that it can detect other devices but fails to connect. WiFi shows No Hardware installed. Yes, I checked in the BIOS and shows that the Wireless card is enabled. I still have the same KEXT files in my clover folder as well as /L/E. Is anyone able to help me out with this been struggling for a few hours. Thanks!
  17. I found the problem! Looks like it was caused by EmuVariableUefi-64.efi in "\EFI\CLOVER\drivers64UEFI". I guess this simulates the nvram.plist. I removed that file and all is well. I appreciate all the help on this! You pointed me in the right direction and helped me clean some things up.
  18. Unfortunately I'm unable to find nvram.plist anywhere on my EFI partition.
  19. Hey Elisir, Did you even get this resolved? I'm having the same issue. Stuck in the same loop kextd stall[0], (60s): 'BCM2045A0' kextd stall[1], (60s): 'BCM2045A0'' Everything boots fine if I disable my DW1820a (CN-0VW3T3).... I've also reinstalled from scratch and still continue to get stuck in a loop. Any help please!
  20. You can do 2 fingers scrolling, tab and drag and 2 fingers tab to right click. No other gestures.
  21. Thanks for looking at that. I tried F11 at Clover again, in addition to removing the CMOS battery (this reset all the BIOS settings to default), yet the issue persists. Even right after the CMOS has been cleared, as soon as I select the Mojave partition in Clover I get the "This computer was restarted" error message. Then when I'm logged on I get the dialogs to look at the report. Is it possible and advisable to remove com.apple.NVDAStartup?
  22. its now working thanks a lot for your time I only updated Lilu.kext Whatevergreen.kext one last thing is there something to make trackpad working or we can only use as mouse
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  24. Looks good, from the IOREG file, discrete graphics is disabled. Boot to Clover, press F11 to clear NVRam. See if it clears it up.
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