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  1. It will contently freeze and the times that it doesn't freeze its ridiculously slow.
  2. thank you for the help i have installed snow leopard on the latitude and when i updated to 10.6.8 before i restarted I installed the boot pack with myHack and now my touchpad and keyboard will not work any advice? UPDATE: My mouse works now, however the only problem is its really slow any advice on that?
  3. Thank you for the response, now i have one more question: what exactly do I do with the boot packs?
  4. I've recently acquired a dell latitude d430 and I've seen where people can install lion (10.7.5) on it. I've found no good tutorial on how to do so and I'm wondering if anyone can give some pointers. I'm willing to go down to snow leopard if need at least to 10.6.7. Any help is greatly appreciated
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