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  1. yep when i started without knowing about kexts audio was working well with Apple ALC then i got working audio working so but i didn't had HDMI output audio working so i installed Voodo hda and forgot to remove ALC so both are working
  2. microphone is just fine for me did you also added HDAS to HDAF line i removed my mac otherwise i would show you that else you can find that line in my clover i posted on 1st or second page because microphone is just fine for me with it and with Voodo HDA audio output from HDI is great too about this sleep issue you told about thanks for it i will use it next time
  3. of course i do also i got that my battery is damaged also the owner the guy before me had screen replaced and used any other display so i think that is the reason or what night shift is not working nvm thanks for all this i decided to sell this laptop as of now so i will clean flash it to windows soon and thanks for all this support pro tip if you are not aware as your clover didn't had this use Audio input as12 in devices and there your microphone will work mine is completly well with all things working so yes 100% mojave as of n
  4. running a vmware macos isnt a big deal also no sound there in vmware is not related to this anyhow, also kext patching and other things are not required in an vmware hackintosh
  5. demn battery issue is not solved completely it was working well till last night i did nothing just changed SMBIOS model to Macbook air 5.2 to see if i get night shift back i didn't get that but this arrived again revrted to old stock smbios still same issue also rebuilding caches is done but still this battery stats are not working also at boot time i get this when i plug/unplug charging cable so i think this can be the issue
  6. demn i tried everything google have but still i don't get that option in display panel settings there are just colors and default menu no night shift i think i should try to reinstall hackintosh i messed up it badly
  7. @eC//FrEaK just one thing although i use flux as alternative i wanted to know if there is night shift mode is available there in your hackintosh or not? or it is something like display not capable? or whatsoever?
  8. irony i changed my smbios and model to macbook pro 12.1 from mac book pro 9.2 (which was there in clover which i got here) irony is stats are running perfectly fine now now i can say 100℅ success to me thanks alot guys hoping this great support for some futures builds
  9. well i am on same update for me it works tho but as far as i know stats are not working ;-; would you mind posting your clover soo that i can figure out what i am doing wrong
  10. still it didnt worked looks like i need dsdt patching
  11. and any idea about battery stats added this but still it is broken fixed card reader and it is working now thanks for pointing it out tho
  12. can you send that patch for sd card reader i didn't find any also i have battery stats issue also night shift is missing i tried a night shift unlocker kext but it doesn't work if anyone can help with this issues it will be great
  13. ok thanks alot btw on other topic here:- was trying to fix ethernet i got mac address my device name and all but whenever i attach my cable it doesn't get detected in system like this guy posted here i have same specs same hardware but still not able to make it running can be helped
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