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Latitude E5530 macOS Mojave 10.14.2 (nearly 100%)


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Hi folks. :)


Last year I had an E5520 working with Sierra, today I managed ist to install and use 10.14.2 on a E5530 (i5 3220M).


What is working?

 - WiFi, replaced origin Intel Card with an AR9285 based card (168c:002b) - the same I used in the E5520

 - Ethernet, used "FakePCIID_BCM57XX_as_BCM57765.kext", just had to add my pciID in "info.plist" (14e4:1681)

 - Graphics, INTEL HD4000 fully accelerated, I think it is because of FakePCIID_Intel_HD

 - Sound, VoodooHDA

 - Keyboard, VoodooPS2

 - SSD Trim (enabled it via "sudo trimforce enable")


What is not working?

 - SD-Card Reader

 - Touchpad + Touchpad-Buttons, VoodooPS2 only enables the Keyboard

 - Sleep, just goes into Sleep for about 1 second and than it powers up again (no user interaction)


I must say that I have done this all with no patched DSDT or SSDT... Just only kext's are used.

I'll attach my Clover folder.... maybe somebody can help me patching those files? :)


Thanks in advance! :)

Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-20 um 16.42.10.png


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Graphics acceleration is not due to FakePCIID_Intel_HD kext which is actually not required at all. Graphics acceleration is obtained through "Inject Intel" + suitable Capri layout-id injection OR Lilu + WEG kexts.


  • SD card reader -> please post specs (PCI ids) and consult our R&D->Card reader section
  • Sleep -> Probably due to unpatched USB ports. You'd normally have to inject power properties as per on a real Mac
  • TouchPad -> try and identify your TouchPad model. If Alps, yoiu should be Ok with Dr Hurt's VoodooPS2Controller R6 as compiled & posted by Bronxteck. Look it up in Dr Hurt's dedicated theread in R&D->kexts section.
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Hey Hervé.


Thanks for your post and the given hints.


Card reader is now working with a patched kext, touchpad works fine with Dr. Hurt's R6 VoodooPS2Controller.kext.

The "sleep" was even working without attached PowerSupply and was only buggy with attached PowerSupply. Disabling the "Wake on AC" option in the BIOS now even let's the sleep work correctly with attached power supply.


One last question, if everything is now working fine for me, I do really need no further DSDT/SSDT patching?!?!



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Lots of patches are now included in latest Clover so no, no need to patch DSDT.

You'll need to remove NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and enable AppleIntelCPUPM in Config.plist

Add Whatevergreen.kext  <- for graphics

and ACPIBatteryManager.kext <- for Battery status

Not sure you'll get HDMI / HDMI Audio working with VoodooHDA

Replace it with AppleALC.kext and use layout-id 12

Might need to add FB patch for HDMI video as well

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- removed NullCPUPM, set AppleIntelCPUPM as "true" in config.plist

- Graphics was fine without WEG, added it.. nothing changed so far... :)

- ACPIBattery I had added in the meantime, knowing how much battery is left is always good

- VoodooHDA even was replaced in the meantime with your discribed solution.

- HDMI Video was working without WEG, can test this next year again with WEG applied.

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One (hopefully) last thing...


I'm experiencing some graphical issues during boot, after clover exits apple logo is shown with loading bar, at the time the bar reaches its end everything goes messed for about 2-3 seconds until the apple logo is shown again and seconds after I get to the login screen.


Is there any way to fix this? 

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Before Lilu + WEG, there was a binary patch for IOGraphicsFamily kext... Afaik, the High Sierra patch remains applicable to Mojave:

Find:    0100007522
Replace: 010000EB22

Try it.


'works for me on my Ivy Bridge/HD4000 Latitude E6230 (I don't use WEG).

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