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  1. Good afternoon, I want to put the triple boot on my pc, install a maverick in gpt partition where I put the files efi efi clover, it works correctly. After install opensuse, I get in the boot options of clover but will not start, it does nothing, the screen goes black. Does anyone know how to fix it? greetings, thanks.
  2. Hello, yesterday I send an email from [email protected] with all the files. My computer is a k55vm-sx052v asus, i7-3610QM, 8GB ram. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. Yes, with the right key works f7, f10, f11 and f12, and the left, the real, f1 and f2 functions. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello, I installed the following versions: - ElanTouchpad_ML_V1.7_Final_V3_Only.zip - no trackpad, no FN - ElanV4_1_8_2_beta.zip - no trackpad, no FN - ElanTouchad_v2_6.zip - no FN - ElanTouchpad_v2.8.3.zip - no FN How I can sort out the FN key? My laptop is asus k55vm. I do not use dsdt patch. Thank you.
  5. hello, my results are: 8941 http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/72858 Do you work the FN + F10, F11, etc? , As solucionaste? I have no dsdt patch. If you want to talk in Spanish by private, for me is better. A greeting.
  6. Hi, thanks for the help. Now works fine.
  7. Hello linarense, Can you explain what steps you followed for the installation? I'm with version 10.8.3 and I can only access-x. thanks
  8. Hi, sorry for the dumb question. I made ​​the bootable usb without adding anything and display within a few seconds of starting it stays off. I modified the file org.chameleon.Boot.plist adding lines to the HD4000. Download the file from the first post but not how to add files / folders. There are three file folders: -clover -kexts -apps How do I add it to usb installation? Is it okay if I do? Thank you.
  9. Hello, thanks for responding, I am wanting to do usb bootable, I installed iFail on vmware ml2. I can not find the package "InstallESD.dmg" or iFail disk or installation, only meeting "osinstall.mpkg". Start doing with myhack settings but I get the following error when selecting the package: "Error selection does not exist does not Appear to be a valid source os x installation .......". What I can do? Thank you.
  10. hello, I need help. I am setting the ml2 iFail asus and I k55vm following occurs. To begin installation I have to boot with-x-f-F and do the installation, I do with the DVD, just choose the driver hd 4000 graphics and keyboard. Once installed, restarts, and I can only boot with-x, install the EDP and give to "build from model database", I select the wifi and I give "do build" and reboot. Now comes the problem more than anything, I can not start the system, what I can do?. Sorry for the English, thanks.
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