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  1. Hi Herve, Yes - thanks, I did come across your bootpack when I was trying unsuccessfully to get my wifi working again. Of course the wifi issue had nothing to do with Clover. However, I found that your Clover files caused my screen to go extremely dim about every 15 seconds, and I needed to constantly punch up the brightness. At that point I guessed I needed to be on BIOS A20 in order to get your setup to work properly (my E6230 is still on A11).
  2. It's actually a BCM94322 that is labeled "DW1510". They have been dirt cheap for several years now on flea bay. Thanks for the pointer to the updated kexts from acidanthera. I'll give them a try.
  3. OK - getting rid of them fixed the delay I was seeing starting the network on boot. They did work to get me Bluetooth on the DW1510 under Mojave, but it looks like I'll need a new card if I want both wifi and bluetooth under Catalina. There are a huge number of cards listed in Herve's latest inventory post. Which are you using/would you recommend? Looks like the DW1550 or DW1560 would be a good choice... Thanks again for your help-
  4. Thanks again for the tip - does it make any difference whether these go into /L/E or /S/L/E/ on Catalina? It seemed to work either way. However, it takes ~5 minutes following boot for the network panel (com.apple.preferences.network.remoteservice) to start responding and recognize any of the network interfaces. I've tried both the Mausi and AppleIntelE1000e.kext; same results. Should I still be using the Brcm kexts in EFI/Clover/kexts/Other ?
  5. OK, that's good to know. In that case, I'm not sure why my DW1510 wifi card is not recognized. It worked perfectly under Mojave. I'm using the latest Lilu and WEG kexts, and RehabMan's most recent Brcm kexts. However, the Brcm kexts date from May 2018... I've attached my debug log if you would be willing to take a look- Thanks! debug_8634.zip
  6. Thanks Jake - since you don't have a 6X30 IvyBridge bootpack for Catalina, I had rolled my own using my files that are working for my 6230 under Mojave, with the updated kexts (Lilu, WEG, AppleALC... Rehabman's stuff hasn't been updated in over a year...). I just didn't notice the embedded controller patch until I read through the rest of the "Upgrade" post Should my E6230 DSDT from Mojave still work, or does it need to be updated for Catalina as well?
  7. Over the years, I have used Jake Lo's excellent Clover guide for numerous installs/upgrades. The post has something like 300 Gazillion views, so obviously others rely on it heavily as well. So I was surprised recently when things did not go smooth as silk for a clean install of Catalina. I followed the instructions for creating the USB installer, but booting on the USB would hang. However, I believe I was able to solve the issue (E6230 in my case, although it is likely this issue may be more widely applicable). Below the "New Installation" section of the Catalina post, scroll down to step (3) of the "Upgrading to Catalina" section. Note the patch to "Change ECDV to EC" This DSDT patch needed to be applied to Clover on the USB in order to boot from the USB into the Catalina installer. I used Clover Configurator to enter the patch info. Once I had patched my Clover installation on the USB, I could boot from the USB and access the installer.
  8. Best way to get help is to post a full debug report. See instructions here.
  9. Note: if you happen to be using an ANSI keyboard on a US model Latitude and you are not seeing the proper behavior for the ` (back quote) or ~ (tilde) key, even though ANSI is selected in the mac OS control panel, then you likely want to set "Use ISO layout keyboard" to false.
  10. Thanks for the link. From the description, it sounds like lilu+VirtualSMC is more forward-looking, so I will give that a try.
  11. Hi Jake, In your link above (post from October 6th), your 6230 bootpack includes FakeSMC.kext, as it did in HighSierra. But in the E6X30 bootpack from November 26th, you include VirtualSMC.kext and SMCBatteryManager.kext. There are also a few other differences. For the 6230, would you recommend the kexts from the November post? What's the difference between them? Thanks-
  12. Attempting to pull this thread back on to the topic of the E6X30 + Mojave 10.14.2... Herve - do you think the requirement for USB2 controller renaming depends on BIOS? I am still using A11, have not yet upgraded to A19+ On the other hand, if A11 is working for me on the E6230, is there any reason to upgrade to A19 for Mojave? Thanks-
  13. galab, Since you successfully completed all 19 steps of the Hackintool guide for USBPorts.kext, I hope you might be able to answer a few questions: -Step 1 describes the action "Clover Rename..." How exactly does someone "Clover Rename..." something? -Step 8 says to "Change the HS01,HS02 ports to the ones you have your mouse and keyboard attached". Does this mean an external keyboard and mouse is required for this step? For all steps? -Step 12 describes plugging and unplugging a "TypeC device". Could you give us an example of a "TypeC device"? Thanks for any help-
  14. Ok - thanks for the reply. Jake's guide seems to imply that a "USBPorts kext" is required for Mojave+Clover, although it didn't make sense why a kext would be required only for an upgrade and not a clean install. But you obviously didn't need such a kext. I know many people follow Jake's guide for the E6XXX, so I wanted to make it clear that step (4) was not required.
  15. According to Jake Lo's guide ("Upgrading to Mojave" section), you have to use the "Hackintool" and a 19-step process to create a USBPorts kext for Mojave. Did you need to do this, or were you able to skip this step? I did not find a "USBPorts.kext" in your zip file...
  16. OK, I am still using A11 BIOS, so that solution wouldn't work for me. But I did finally track down and solve the problem. It was a lengthy, painful detective process. On March 24th 2018, in this post, Jake posted his E6230 A11 BIOS bootpack. It contains an additional SSDT file: SSDT-PNLF.aml. This file is not referenced in the Sierra/HighSierra guide. But it is what I needed to add to my /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched in order to have my E6230 sleep when I close the lid.
  17. I have the same problem with sleep closing the lid. Can you describe how you patched the DSDT file? By "original", do you mean the one in the boot pack linked in your first post? Thanks-
  18. Yeah - I typically replace the SN, Board SN and SmUUID in SMBIOS with my own, to keep iMessage working properly. I did the same with your latest config.plist from this thread. I'm not sure what "Trust" means in the context of SMBIOS though - doubt it could have any effect on USB devices. Anyway, everything is working, so I definitely can recommend your boot files at the bottom of page 3 of this thread for the i5 6230. Thanks again-
  19. Hmmm - I just ran the script as recommended. Didn't know to add the config file separately. I've attached it here- config.HSorig.zip
  20. Yes - thanks Jake once again for your expert help. I tried for a while some troubleshooting steps to understand exactly why I had no webcam (as Bronxteck points out, it did not show up on any USB bus). You know, teach a man to fish and all... I first tried just replacing my kexts with yours (of course fixing permissions and re-building the cache) - no dice Then I tried kexts and your DSDT - still no webcam Then I tried opening yours and my config.plist side by side in Clover Confgurator and manually matching the settings - still couldn't get the webcam to work. Finally, I just edited your config.plist and dropped in my SN, BSN, and smUUID, and bingo - webcam works. I did attempt to very carefully match the kext patch info in Clover Configurator between yours and my config.plist, but could not get the webcam to show up using my config.plist. So if you know what it is in the clover config file that unlocks the USB for the camera, please let us know... Thanks again- Steve
  21. Hi Jake, Same problem here - the webcam is not working on my E6230 following upgrade to High Sierra. I suspect it has something to do with how I interpret the instructions in Note (1) Step 2 of your High Sierra Guide. At any rate, I've attached my debug file. Thanks for any suggestions- debug_3824.zip
  22. You can try the one in this post - worked for my e6430 under ElCap.
  23. I have this V3 as well on my E6230. I tested R6B4 and everything works, but both trackpad and keyboard are non-functional following wake from sleep (luckily I could plug into dock and recover without hard shutdown). Currently using Release 5 which seems to work fine (two finger scroll, up-down, side-to-side) but no two-finger tap or multi-touch gestures. I have been installing these into EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/other; should I put them in L/E instead?
  24. If you had been trying to use iMessage without a good SN/Board Serial in SMBIOS, you may need to clean out your config files.
  25. step 3.8 of the instructions linked in the guide you used
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