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  1. To fix the screen artifacts you will need to first flash A03 BIOS and then back up to something <13, like A12. If you are booting UEFI, your system won't boot with A03 BIOS, but don't worry. Once you flash a newer BIOS after A03, you should be free of artifacts.
  2. I should also mention this fixes the key mapping issue with the apostrophe/tilde key that plagued RehabMan's version. It's a small thing, but I'm used to using that key to cycle through windows in an application (command-`) or typing ~/ at the command line to go to my home directory...
  3. I don't use the trackstick, so this is an improvement over the ApplePS2Controller that did not have trackpad scrolling. Had an initial KP, but rebooted and it seems to work fine now. Thanks Frosty-
  4. scram69

    E6430 DSDT

    On my E6430 I am currently using the PS2Controller kext from this post. You lose scrolling, but at least no more KPs. At the end of the thread there was another Voodoo kext posted yesterday that I have not yet tried...
  5. Hi Hervé, Has there been any update on this issue? To avoid KPs, I am still running Dr Hurt's VoodooPS2 on my E6230 and ApplePS2 on my E6430. The Apple kext does not have scrolling, and Dr Hurt's kext does not map keys correctly when running a VNC session. So I would like to be able to move back to the latest version of VoodooPS2 if the issue has been diagnosed and solved... Thanks-
  6. I'm assuming you are installing 10.11.4 - on my E6430 I needed to use this kext for the touchpad, as versions of VoodooPS2 gave me KPs. This replaces VoodooPS2Controller.kext in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other
  7. I updated my E6230 to 11.4 without following Jake's advice to update Clover at the same time (was at 3320). The update and re-boot went fine, but then after that I got the KP's. I fixed it by updating to Clover v3389. Did not need OsxAptioFixDrv2-64.efi. Note: when Clover updates, it tends to want to make a fresh directory in your root directory, instead of updating /EFI/CLOVER. I had to copy & replace all files except ACPI/, kext/, themes/, and config.plist to /EFI/CLOVER.
  8. If you have a windows box, I've used rufus to create a bootable thumb drive for flashing BIOS.
  9. That kext should be patched on the fly by Clover. Did you follow steps 28 and 29 carefully? Clover takes its instructions from the config.plist file in Jake's E6230.zip file. The contents of that file need to be placed in the Clover folder of the generic EFI folder at the top of the second post. Then you need to replace the EFI directory that the Clover installer created with Jake's.
  10. scram69

    Dell e6330

    If neither your track pad right button nor your mouse right button are working as right click... have you checked your mouse preferences?
  11. scram69

    Dell e6330

    I'm running windows 7 on a 2nd partition on a SSD in my E6230. The boot time seems pretty quick to me, but I've got nothing to compare it to as I don't run windows anywhere else...
  12. scram69

    Dell e6330

    Unfortunately, when you use OS X Disk Utility to format partitions as FAT, it will convert the disk from valid GPT to hybrid MBR. You will need to clear the hybrid MBR data before Windows will install. See this post. In the future, a better approach is to allow Disk Utility to format both partitions as OS X journaled. Then use the Windows installer to delete the 2nd OS X partition and install windows in the empty space.
  13. The only real problem I ran into was after installing Windows 7. That installer puts its own files into the EFI partition, and I needed to re-instruct the BIOS to use Clover and not the Windows boot files. My OS X installation onto my E6230 following Jake's Guide went flawlessly. Are you having difficulty booting from the USB? If that's the case, based on your error snippet I would try 2 things: 1) re-download the ElCapitan - I've had instances when my downloaded .dmg has been incomplete 2) re-create the USB, paying very close attention to steps 11-19; here there are multiple levels of disk images, and it is very easy to get yourself confused.
  14. Yes - it's possible. You need to defrag and then run the Disk Management tool to try and reclaim empty space - there is an example here. Depending on your disk size and how Windows10 installs, this may not leave you with very much space for OS X however. Given that you just wiped the drive a couple weeks ago, I would recommend backing up your files and starting from a clean drive. That way you could move to UEFI boot/Clover. Install ElCapitan first using Jake's guide, partitioning the drive into your OS X and Windows partitions in step 2.7. Then install Windows. I followed this method to get Win7 alongside ElCapitan on my 6230 and it went relatively smoothly. The only trick is to go into the Dell BIOS following the Windows install and re-select CloverEFI.X64 for booting.
  15. Using the files from Jake's Clover guide I have 2 USB 3.0 ports on the right side working, and one USB 2.0/Esata on the left side.
  16. Have you installed Clover onto the HDD with El Capitan and pointed the BIOS to CLOVERX64.EFI in the EFI partition? I followed Jake's El Capitan Clover guide for my E6430 and it worked well. There is a DSDT for the 1600x900 in the second post (under ivy bridge).
  17. Those screen artifacts were exactly what I was seeing on my E6430 (no s) in this thread. I had to downgrade to the earliest available bios, which for that model was A03. At that point the laptop would no longer boot from my EFI Clover install. Didn't matter, I then upgraded to A07 and graphics glitches were gone. I've left it at A07 (if it ain't broke, don't fix it). Also, I am using the E6230 DSDT Jake provided in this post on my E6430 (low res) as well. Works fine.
  18. Just tested it. It works on my E6430 1366 x 768. Thanks! Also, I would like to suggest an update to your El Capitan Clover guide for those who wish use to the Messages app in OS X. In step 10 of your post-installation section, I would add: -run "uuidgen" in terminal and paste the result into the SmUUID block in the SMBIOS page of Clover Configurator -on the same page, copy and paste the contents of the Serial Number block into the Board Serial Number block, adding 5 random HEX characters (digits) to the end -if Messages still doesn't work (for example, messages won't send because Messages claims your contacts aren't registered with iMessage), then perform the steps to reset the iMessage configuration files listed in this post.
  19. Actually, my E6430 is the 1366 x 768 display. Can I use this DSDT for it as well? I noticed you don't have an E6430 1366 x 768 DSDT on your El Capitan guide.
  20. Yep. That fixed it. Thanks very much Jake! Is this issue something specific to the E6230, or will I need a similar fix when I upgrade my E6430 to El Capitan?
  21. Jake, It sounds like this is the same issue I posted in the pinned E6230 thread. Can you provide a little more detail on the fix? Do I need to manually patch the DSDT contained in E6230.zip in your guide? (Note - the strange thing is my E6230 will sleep properly on battery power - the instant wake is only when it's plugged in) Thanks-
  22. check out this thread for help with the battery status
  23. Did you ever get sleep or USB to work properly with the port replicator? I have the E6430 that I use with the port replicator under Chameleon. Everything works fine except for the audio jack on the port replicator (so I use the jack on the laptop itself). However, I want to use Clover so that I can use iMessage. But if I boot with Clover, the USB on the port replicator no longer works and the laptop will not sleep (wakes immediately). Are you using the GenericUSBXHCI kext?
  24. In my initial attempts to fix the problem, I only flashed to older and older BIOS (16->12->11->07->03) but never back up like you did. So when I got to A03, I gave up, wiped the drive, and installed Ubuntu. That's the reason I needed to re-install Yosemite. In hindsight I was too pessimistic - I should have waited a bit longer for this community to come up with the solution!
  25. OK, well I can't quite figure out how to do that in this forum, but maybe one of the Admins would be able to do it. Would help the next E6430 owner that stumbles across the thread as many of the units out there will likely have BIOS >A12.
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