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  1. ok, I'll check that right away. And how I do the thing with the booting? Can I install macOS on that macOS Partition and does it let me start windows and mac ?
  2. okay, how do I check it? Do I need Windows on the computer again to download backup the BIOS again? And why should it have changed? The guide says that even in case of a BIOS update is stay like it is. But how I check it?
  3. Hello. I had a perfect running system with macOS 10.11 for almost 6 months. Today I upgraded to Sierra and it ruined all my setup. One kernel panic after another, Sierra is just not ready yet. Long story short: I need to work with that computer in Windows tommorow, thats why I install Windows 7 on it now. I have two problems now: 1, I have a installation disk and I installed macOS 10.11 succesfully two times with it. Now, when I start to boot is it gives me a kernel panic. Why?? 2, Is there any way I can keep my now installed Windows 7 as a Dualboot to my tommorow installed macOS 10.11? 3, If no: How can I install macOS 10.11 and Windows 7 and what partitions and bootloader settings do I have to make for that? Thanks for response and feedback. Have a nice day!
  4. Okay, after the terminal I had to reboot, now it works.
  5. Nope, the FN+PRTSCN Key is not the problem and the terminal command does not change anything...
  6. Hello. Just like this my Wifi stopped working. It worked before... Now I can't enable it anymore.
  7. Hello. I just finally upgraded my Dell Latitude E7450 to Sierra. The first time I stated I had no Wi-Fi no Ethernet, nothing. I restarted and then the system run in to a kernel panic, crashed and rebooted. How can I fix this or even downgrade back to 10.11.6?
  8. Sorry, but I run the installer and the computer reboot but its not installing Sierra. What I have to do? Also: The sound does not work anymore and I don't know how to patch that.
  9. Yes I know how to but do I have to care about Kext and drivers and thinks like this? And - how I do a full backup of the system incl bootloader ?
  10. Hello. How can I update my Computer to Sierra? Right now I have 10.11.6 Thanks...
  11. Hello. I have my laptop docked to the station and everything works fine - exept for DisplayPort. I heard that I have to patch the Framebuffer kext but I have no idea how to do that...
  12. Yes, and it helped. Calls worked. Instant hotspot for 2 seconds. After restart, nothing worked again. AirDrop never worked. I also noticed that the Wireless LED on the Laptop is only on when im open the bluetooth preferences on mac and searching for devices...
  13. Okay I used this and it seems to work: https://github.com/toleda/wireless_half-mini/blob/master/config-bcm94352-110.plist.zip But - I still can't use AirDrop or Instant Hotspot. But the settings say it work.: See the pics
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