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  1. I think the issue with A03 is it doesn't support UEFI boot in the same way as later bios, and my system was set up booting Clover UEFI. But I followed what you and leppy did and flashed back to A07 from A03 and then re-installed Yosemite (this time with Chameleon). And no more artifacts! Thanks leppy for your valuable suggestion. I'm going to mark this thread as solved.
  2. When I got to A03 and failed to boot, I gave up and installed Ubuntu. So in the interest of science I will give this another try - upgrade from A03 to A07 and re-install. I'll let you know how it goes...
  3. Unfortunately, I have tried A3, A7, A11, A12 and A16. The artifacts are present under OS X with all of them. I have also run Windows and Ubuntu on the laptop - no artifacts with those.
  4. At first it didn't help, but then I noticed that I could boot with Chameleon and the battery status worked. I had installed ACPIBatteryManager.kext in both /E/E and /S/L/E, so I removed the copy in /S/L/E (was version 1.55) and left your version in CLOVER/kexts. That fixed the problem and I have my battery status working under Clover again Thanks for your help. There is conflicting guidance on various forums about what kexts should be installed into /S/L/E vs what should stay in the boot loader folders. I guess one just has to be patient and experiment with both options. But hopefully this helps others with the same issue I had.
  5. What Clover config are you using? Take a look at this post for install, drivers, config.plist and kexts
  6. This is a bit embarrassing, but how exactly do I attach files in this forum? I can browse something called "My Media" which is empty, and also "manage" attachments from Profile->Settings, but do not see any way to upload files...
  7. Hi Jake, I am using the DSDT, config.plist and kexts from this post. I believe the battery manager is v1.53. The only thing I have changed is to apply the patch from your post #5 above to the DSDT. I'll attach these files as soon as I get back home. Thanks-
  8. That patch got rid of the battery with the "X"... however, the Energy Saver panel shows "Current battery charge 0%" and will not let me check "Show battery status in menu bar"
  9. Like the title says, I have a 6430 1366x768 HD4000 (not Nvidia) running 10.10.5 and Clover r3193 on BIOS A12 with screen artifacts. They look just like the picture in this post. Unfortunately, that thread was "solved" with the original poster replacing the motherboard I have also tried BIOS A16 and A11. I believe I have the Clover setup configured correctly as I use the same setup (with appropriate DSDT/SSDT) on my 1366x768 E6230 HD4000 with BIOS A12 which works beautifully. Before I re-load windows and sell the thing, does anyone have any suggestions of what I might try?
  10. I also have a 6230 and a 6430, and battery status does not work on either (was working on the 6230 until I updated to 10.10.5). Neither are dual boot, so I don't think that's the problem.
  11. I have a 6430 i5 3340M with Intel HD4000 1366x768. BIOS A12, Yosemite 10.10.5 using the 10.10.5 kexts from Jake Lo's guide. I am using Clover, with the settings, kexts, and config.plist from this thread. Like those above, I can't seem to get rid of the display artifacts. I've even tried slide=0 boot arg - made no difference. Is there something other setting in the Clover config that I need to pay attention to? I have also noticed that the battery indicator does not work ("X" in battery) although kext wizard shows org.rehabman.driver.AppleSmartBatteryManager (1.5.3) is loaded. Is that symptomatic of something I'm missing?
  12. Finally figured this out. What works is option 3 (slice's applePS2controller). After restart, you will have a functional trackpad settings pref pane. Here you will be able to turn down the cursor tracking speed (the default is insanely fast). To enable side scrolling, you need to select "use two fingers to scroll" under "Trackpad Gestures". Just make sure before you run the EDP, you replace the chameleon boot file that is in /Extra/storage with the one from v2170, or you will either fail to boot or KP on boot.
  13. Well, that may be the issue. How do I un-install the voodoops2.prefpane that the edptool installs? I can't find it in either System/Library/PreferencePanes or /Library/PreferencePanes.
  14. I'm guessing from your signature that your GMAD620 is on 10.6. I'm using 10.7 and the VoodooPS2 (option #2) does not enable scrolling.
  15. Did you ever find a solution? I also found the default (ANV-slice) unusable. But no other options for the D620 seem to support scrolling. I ended up using option 0 (the myHack default) as it gives the best behavior in the absence of scrolling.
  16. Actually, it would appear that I do: There are 14,894 posts and counting on the forum. Would it hurt to put a warning about NVram.dylib on the EDP page?
  17. The latest bootpacks are hosed. You may have better luck using the Extra-Bootpack folder from this post.
  18. Well, I see someone else has been bitten by the latest EDP. There's a problem here guys. I had long ago over-written the myHack USB stick I used for install. Building a new one using either of the D620 bootpacks results in the same fail. Fortunately, I was able to build a workable USB boot stick using the Extra folder from this post, plus the DSDT from the one of the latest D620 boot packs. Therefore, the DSDT is not the problem. I also tested the smbios.plist and org.chameleon.Boot.plist, and they weren't the problem either. So I suspect either Extensions/ or modules/
  19. I have a D620 (Intel gfx) running 10.7.2. I updated to the latest EDP to try some of the new kexts. I ran the EDP installer (it detected my older 1.9.2 EDP) and installed the new kexts. Now on boot, all I see is "Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/mach_kernel] 7948640 bytes." Then it stops. Gets no further.
  20. kmand- Did you try it yet? How'd it go?
  21. I have a D620 (Intel) and a Broadcom 4321 wifi card (rebranded as Apple per the wiki). This setup worked very well with EDP 1.8 and 10.6.7 (I know, why did I try and upgrade...) I also lost wifi on the EDP 1.9/10.6.8 upgrade - airport refuses to turn on. I have tried replacing IO80211Family and IONetworkingFamily first with 10.6.7 versions, then 10.6.3 versions, neither got airport to turn on. I just tried 10.6.0 versions as recommended above (using Kext Wizard) and now the latitude won't boot. Just repeats some message about 'system shutdown false'. I can still boot to the SL install DVD and run terminal to manually replace kexts. Any suggestions?
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