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  1. If you have one attach a second monitor and make sure bios legacy boot option is off. For me the A15 bootpack worked well with A17 last week or so...
  2. Update: Updated the BIOS to A17 and did a fresh re-install of Sierra. The latest bootpack works nicely except no WI-Fi/BT. Had some strange issues experiencing the SSD not being recognised but after win10 installed nicely, 10.12 found the disk too. Updates up to 10.12.6 without issues, Clover 4297. Many thanks go to Jake one more time for helping and doing a great job with the bootpacks! Thanks man! Rocking on with Fishman TriplePlay!
  3. Thanks Jake, I'll look into it tomorrow. I just can't fathom why it worked before so nicely. I had it all up and running and for some stupid reason decided to go for HiSierra after updating my Pro Books. Then, after some time I noticed the BIAS amp software works only with one channel and my Apogee interfaces just have major issues at the USB ports. Now I wanted to do a fresh reinstall and it's not working. Stupid going to Hi Sierra anyways.
  4. Those were my first thoughts too but nope. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. This device was already hackintoshed before...
  5. Same here, strange... I need to go back to Sierra because of my music software and tried a fresh install but no disk is found in the installer.
  6. I will as soon as I manage to update to Sierra - currently I'm struggling a bit with it and have a high work load. But it was some kind of a legacy Gobi kext and the Mobile Partner application. I'll let you know asap, I was not aware this was that much interesting. PS: I found this on my backup drive, I think this is what you need. GOBI.zip
  7. I bought this card, replaced the one stock one and installed a corresponding kext and it works! https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00G2Y4B4E/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I need to unlock the SIM with the Mobile Partner before I can use it or use the Mobile Partner app but other than that all works pretty much as it should. No external solution necessary.
  8. Is there a guide/bootpack for this laptop? I have one with Windows and they're great imho...
  9. So Sierra is working just as good as El Capitan on E7450? I'm quite happy with El Capitan but just being thinking about moving on to Sierra. Actually I see no reason for now, Siri I don't need neither.
  10. If the native power managements works as described in the guide there shouldn't be a problem. Mine is also very quiet. If you are concerned you can install the Intel Power Gadget and monitor the temperature. While writing this message using the battery it shows 43/44 Celsius.
  11. After buying a LT4112 LTE module and replacing the stock one now everything works. This is great!
  12. Got it, it works as it should! Thanks! Now everything works, fantastic! The only thing left is the 4G module that somehow needs special treatment. But for now I'm more than happy! Thank you guys!
  13. Basically that's how I feel too. I use Linux a lot and love using the shell but I guess it's the maturity snugness leaving the tools make themselves valuable sometimes. But I agree of course. Back to topic: the NGFF I just built in seems to almost work. BT is OK, all features available but I need to look after the 5GHz patch for the German networks...
  14. After rollback. The sound was not working. I thought ikext is doing the work but obviously it's not reliable. What is the kext-tool of choice in your opinion?
  15. Managed to roll back. Backups is a must! I had to re-chown und re-chmod and I think that helped at the end. Everything is working as before.
  16. With previous DSDT file I cann boot however sound is gone: EAPDFix: Failed to find AppleHDADriver entry.
  17. KP at loading the backlight kext. Didn't find the way around yet. Safe mode, without cache or injected kexts did not help.
  18. I assume it might be a BIOS problem. Are using A13?
  19. OK my mistake was not to use the complete Bootpack. I removed the old Clover directory completely now and used the bootpack from the scratch. Went into BIOS, loaded the defaults and changed one option to AHCI. I couldn't find the UEFI/CSM option anymore. It just gives you the option to support legacy boot which was deactivated. So I left that alone. The results? Sleep/wake same as yours with A13 other than that not a single issue. No early reboots, sleep/wake works for sound and keyboard/touchpad. Oh: pull the power jack than sleep will work automatically or by checking it in the Apple menu. And: I went back and shot the chowns and chmods as the guide is asking. So the simple truth is: follow the guide to the letter. Downgrading BIOS is possible, right? I mean if everything works with A12 as desired I'll consider downgrading to make everything work. What the heck...
  20. The system specs are the same as yours. BIOS is A13 and yes I followed the guide. Are you using only RehabMan's patches or anything else?
  21. Got my E7450 up and running, few issues remain though: Plenty of early reboots. In many cases it works in some it take up to 10 resets to start Sleep/Wake is unstable; sometimes seems that instant wake is a problem I loose sound and trackpad after failed sleeps Plenty of these messages:No interval found for . Using 8000000 EAPDFix: Speakers EAPD is working. ACPIBatteryManager: WARNING! fCurrentCapacity > fMaxCapacity. adjusted fCurrentCapacity from 7200, to 7100 what is actually patched in the SSDT-7.dsl? I patched on my own at the beginning but some stuff didn't work so I wonder. I still cannot engage the 4G module...
  22. Hi there, Is anyone using the 4G module and what is the the way to properly initialize it? I tried the legacy kext and the Mobile Partner but it won't work. It doesn't show up in the syslog but is present in the USB system overview as "Dell Wireless 5809e Gobi‚Ñ¢ 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Card:". Thanks
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