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  1. I've this version: V7 ID: E7=0x73 0x03 0x0a, EC=0x88 0xb3 0x22 How can i know what kext version i'm using it. Because the i use work perfectly well, only missing CAPS. The three fingers for mission control works perfectly well after setting the gesture on keyboard shortcuts
  2. Once again, can anyone explain me how can i see what my hardware version? Thanks
  3. How can I determine what version I've?
  4. Tested latest version and is working fine. The three fingers for mission control doesn't work. But three finger left and right works fine and change desktop.
  5. I'm getting the same problem How can i now what is my trackpad version please?
  6. i have in Fn+F12 and Fn+F14 working fine. But i was thinking that i can changed with your kext. I guess i'm wrong, it's not keyboard kext.
  7. It's possible to change the brightness keys to f6 and f7? Thanks
  8. My alt key is been replaced by Windows key, it's normal? Is there anything I can make to bypass this? Thanks
  9. It's normal that I can drag and drop with 2 fingers? I can only make it with 1 finger
  10. Thanks for replying, But if I press power button it shuts down immediately.
  11. I can't wake up with keyboard ou touchpad. Is there anything i can do? Thanks
  12. Working amazing The only thing I can't do it's drag and drop with 2 fingers. That's normal? Once again thank you for amazing work.
  13. I've 1 files in both. I've extracted and they have info there. One of them says ALC 283
  14. Thanks for replying, i've tried 3 distros and only ubuntu gives me sound, but even with that i just have codec#0 and it's empty. I don't find nothing more inside Card0 What can i do more please? Thanks
  15. i'm trying now to setup my audio, the only thing i know is vendor:8086 and Dev ID:9c20. What can i do please? Thanks
  16. Thank you all, the problem was that i needed to remove disable the hibernate mode Thank you.
  17. I remove it, but it's the same, doesn't wake up But now i don't need NullCPUPowerManagement Why? It's because AsusAICPUPM or KernelPm Clover patch? Thanks for keep helping me
  18. It didn't worked I Don't know why it works with chameleon Thanks.
  19. The problem persist with SSDT.aml I think it's something to do with Clover patchs, because with Chameleon it works very well using the same DSDT and kexts. Thanks
  20. Amazing glitch screen solved Only wake up missing and i will have 100% system stable with Clover I don't have any SSDT Can you explain me please the easy way to generate the SSDT? Thank you for everything.
  21. WOW many thanks, you solved my big problem, i can't believe it:D Now i finally can use Clover Thank you!!!!!!!! Do you know any patch that i can use to fix the glitch screen a few seconds before login? And with Clover config, my System doesn't wake up, but with chameleon it wakes up thank you once again
  22. Hi, i've have an DSDT for E5520 that works fine witch chameleon but with clover doesn't show the battery percentage. Is anyone that can help me to patch for a working DSDT with battery percentage using Clover? Thank you
  23. I just want to thank #polyzargone for fixing my DSDT and usb injector kext Thanks
  24. I've successfully manage to run El capitan with system 100% stable Create your USB install with Chameleon OS X El Capitan Overwrite the Extra folder from Post Install with Extra folder of your USB Boot and install Install Chameleon Enroch in HDD Install audio setup from Kext folder Done!!! Hope you enjoy it For suspend to work, just disable hibernation mode A Big THANKS to #polyzargone for all the help on USB drivers and DSDT patch to bypass the "can't find boot device" and #Jake Lo for fixing the Clover patchs to make Battery percentage work. Update: Now you can use Clover, just install the clover in HDD then overwrite the CLOVER folder with the one attached Post Install.zip Post Install CLOVER.zip
  25. I found a new topic that fix USB waiting for boot device. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8139-patched-dsdt-usb-fix-for-os-x-1011-el-capitan/ But i don't know how to patch this to our 5520 Anyone can help me please? Thank you
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