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AppleHDA for Dell M4800/M6800

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Hi Guys. I have a Precision M6800 where I removed the internal m6100 ati discrete video card. This was needed to enable the laptop using internal LVDS which is connected to the internal HD4600. I have a fully working hack now. There are two issues I still have. 

  1. I have to use VoodooHDA for audio ATM but I hope you guys can help me how to get it enabled without the VoodooHDA kext.
  2. Sometimes iTunes crashes. Especially when I start it the first time. After that it looks stable. I think it has to do with the VoodooHDA.kext. Im not 100% sure about this. When I switch over to Wifi it looks much more stable??? I tried IntelMausiEthernet.kext & FakePCIID_Intel_GbX.kext but sometimes it crashes with both kexts. Let hopes VoodooHDA is causing the trouble.

I tried the AppleALC, HDAEnabler and Lillu kexts along with my current kexts (without voodoohda of course) but then it panics.

Is there someone who can look into my clover content with my IOReg Dump? I removed as many kexts / drivers as possible. 


See attached files. Thanks is really appriciated!


Edit. The crashing from iTunes looks to be fixed to me. I added Lilu with Shiki together with bootarg "shikigva=1". I'm still interested in how to replace VoodooHDA with AppleALC.

m6800 efi content.zip

Han’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip

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Hi, Well I placed all files in place. Repaired permissions of L/E rebuild the caches etc. The audio loads fine however the internal speakers don't give sound. If I plugin a headset the audio is fine not the speaker output. I'm sure this is just a small adjustment which has to made however I don't know what to do. 



Thanks in advance!

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