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Dell Latitude E6520 nVidia - High Sierra Install Issues


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A first-time Hackintosher needing some assistance.


Could anyone assist with the necessary kexts and config.plist required to get to boot?


Two weeks in and I'll take anything I can get right now even if it's for Sierra, HFS or APFS.


LAPTOP specs:

Dell Latitude E6520 - i7-2620M - 8GB RAM - HD3000 - NVS 4200 - Crucial 525GB SSD - WD 250GB HDD


Finally got a bootable High Sierra image from Hackintosh Zone and able to boot into clover, though get stuck during boot using either legacy or UEFI.


Using Legacy I get the 'Still waiting for root device error' - Applied the USBBusFix flag, aptiofix to no avail

with UEFI I get the prohibited sign (Verbose mode does reveal some other error)

FakeSMC is added.


I've tried the Sandy-Bridge config.plist as well as generic ones for legacy & UEFI to no avail

I've attached my current EFI folder, 


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Distro's are nice as a learning curve. but here we suggest making your own installer usb from the App Store downloads.

Distro's manipulate alot of things to magically work. being so when something does not work it is a hassle to figure out what went wrong as you are experiencing at the moment.

if possible when booting uefi press space bar at the clover prompt and boot with verbose option. that should give you more info.

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Thanks for the swift advice Bronx.


I did try creating a bootable usb from within VMs. I tried both a High Sierra VM (latest I could find) & Sierra beta. Apparently if you're not on the latest version, it will first update your current version before you're able to download the OS dmg. It downloads, attempts updates, does its restarts but ends up back at where it was before attempting the upgrade.


I downloaded the dmg from elsewhere online, used a shared folder to put it on the VM, though either Clover couldn't be installed or I'd get the error saying the OS X installer was not available/up to date which took me back to the paragraph above. (No issues with formatting the flash drive etc)


Tried whatever suggestions there are online to bypass the installer issue which didn't work, i.e. changing time/date, editing the receipt file in the package details of the installer.

Placed the dmg in the 'applications' folder and ran a command to install it to the flash drive, didn't work.


With UEFI and verbose enabled, the last few lines show errors to the effect of 'Apple usb xxx no input received' 'voodoo driver ...' tried applying relevant kexts and config.plist options relative to fixing the usb ports being turned off during boot and attempting to use either HD3000 or NVidia graphics.


To. No. Avail.


SATA mode is set to AHCI and all the other BIOS settings every Hackintosh video mentions.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.



Got a brand new, large SSD and would prefer to Hackintosh sooner rather than later.

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Eventually went with distros I could find online, the Hackintosh Zone one was the only one that even got me to Clover boot screen and with an attempt to actually install OSX. Others either didn't even get to a working Clover bootloader or had an unusable OSX installer partition.


Still not solved.

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Hey Bronx


So I was able to get a proper bootable disk eventually though still get stuck before getting into OS X.

While logging in verbose mode the prohibited sign comes about, it seems the USB ports still lose power since the light on my flash drive turns off and haven't found a solution to it.


Followed guides to use Legacy/UEFI, the different file system types AFS/HFS and it hasn't had a different outcome either way.


Is it appropriate to request an actual EFI folder for the platform in the forum?

Dell E6520 i7-2620M


I got this far a few weeks back and just got discouraged with the amount of time that was wasted up to that point, I would still like to get it working since I'm well into the Apple ecosystem just without a Mac and not necessarily going to go out of my way to get one.

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have you checked Herve or jakes signatures they might have links to E6x20 family machines. they should hopefully be close enough to get you installed then after we can work out the bugs left

the usb dying I think is a known issue. if I remember the solution was to change USB ports when that happens 

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For the very first time, I was able to install E6520 with UEFI...strange.

BIOS updated to A19.

Enabled UEFI


XD CPU support

Optimus enabled

NVS4200m will be disabled via DSDT patching

HDMI output / VGA output will not work

Full QE/CI with HD 3000

Sleep / Wake OK


Use this bootpack -> contents go into /EFI/Clover

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@Bronxtech I haven't though I will surely check them out.

Yes, on the distro build with legacy boot, when 'still waiting for root device' comes up changing the port does get it started after a couple minutes though it used to get stuck at some other point.

Creating a fresh installer I get stuck at some other point in Legacy/Uefi when the ports cut power.


@Jake Lo

Thanks a million, I'm creating a new USB now to test.

All these previous issues occurred on BIOS A07, I since updated to A08 then A20 with no different results.


Is Optimus enabled in Clover when configuring the UEFI boot? 


I haven't come across these configurations, are they BIOS / Clover or other settings? (BTW when using Clover I don't get the 'Customize installation' option)

'XD CPU support'

'Full QE/CI with HD 3000' Could you please elaborate?


Thank you all for your time

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these must be set in the BIOS

  • Enabled UEFI
  • AHCI
  • XD CPU support
  • Optimus enabled


These are descriptions of the result of the installation

  • NVS4200m will be disabled via DSDT patching
  • HDMI output / VGA output will not work
  • Full QE/CI with HD 3000
  • Sleep / Wake OK
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