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Precision 7510: Mojave build

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Trying to get the last of the problems fixed. 


Thanks @Jake Lo for mentioning the layout id 11 - this got the microphone working.


I am getting DP output however no sound out over the DP - I have tried fixing the attached working config with Hackintool but whenever adjusting the Audio / Video through Hackintool I can't reboot and need to restore.


Another general problem is that the output on the 4K display is very small when booting - any idea how to fix ? I tried the EFILogniHiDPI and UIScale settings but these don't adjust the font of the boot scroll text.


EDIT: Attaching newer config.plist and ioreg with monitor plugged in to DP


Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 16.06.18.png



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@Jake Lo,  tried the igfxnohdmi for DP audio which made no difference.


Haven't tried the CsmVideoDxe for boot messaging font size.

Basically no sound on External DP connection is really priority.

Nice to get HDMI working as well as thunderbolt out. However Hackintool does detect any other connection than DP.

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@Hervé or @Jake Lo - Would you happen to know the best Kext for me to use for the Dell Precision 7510 Trackpad? I current use version 2.02 VoodooPS2Controller.kext which works ok but no Trackpad features are available in sysprefs. 

Something with the keyboard brightness controls for Dell kb's baked in would be cool - if it exists? 

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