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Acer Predator 17 G9-793-79V5 NH.Q1TAA.001


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hey guys,  i have :

Acer Predator 17 G9-793-79V5 NH.Q1TAA.001

i7-7700HQ (2.8GHz)


Nvidia Geforce 1070



please help me with High Sierra


1st question, Mojave will work on my acer with nvidia 1070 full acceleration?


2nd question: I temporary have Asus WiFi USB-AC56 (AC1200) that works excelent. But, when i do USBInjectAll.kext its's stop working but HD cam and Bluetooth start to work,  if i remove USBInjectAll.kext, HD Cam and Bluetooth stop to work, WiFi start to work again.... uuhhh. Also i have ordered DW1820A WiFi that will work good how i know.


so, what i have:



Graphics with Nvidia GTX 1070

WiFi (as I described above)

HD Webcam (as I described above)

Audio with VoodooHDA.kext - not works, then i have installed VoodooHDA-2.8.8.pkg and audio start to works, both, speakers and headphones, but built-in microphone not works (microphone jack not tested)

Keyboard Backlit

Bluetooth (as I described above)


USB2.0 and USB3.0

Battery Indicator

Fn Hotkeys


Strange Working, more not working:

Touchpad (works from time to time, for example do High Sierra loading, works. Then restart - Not works, restart again, not works, restart again - works)

why this happened, what i need to do?


Not Working:

CPU power management

when i press Fn+Z, display is switched off and everything is hang


my kext's on the screenshot




also i think that used memory indicator shows wrong data:
green bar always have same height :)


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  • GTX 1070 is Pascal and, as such, unsupported in Mojave (which only supports nVidia dGPUs of Kepler generation). So, no, you cannot have graphics working on that dGPU. In previous OS X/macOs versions, Pascal dGPUs require the nVidia Web Driver because they are not natively supported. You'll have to disable the dGPU through patched SSDT in order to save battery life and run exclusively on the HD 630 iGPU of your Kaby Lake i7-7700HQ. That may also exclude external displays if the secondary output ports are physically wired to the dGPU (eg: DP and/or HDMI).
  • Re: CPU power management, you just have to set your Clover config properly and set PluginType to true in ACPI section; that's all. Use Clover Configurator app to that effect.
  • Re: TouchPad, you probably have an I2C model and those are not entirely supported to date.
  • Re: DW1820A, read all our guides + topics related to this card because you have no guarantee that it'll work in your laptop.
  • Re: Fn-Z, what's that meant to do?
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1. got it

2. not works for me,  laptop doesn't exit from sleep mode after entering to sleep mode
3. pls see screenshot, if i see this lines, then touchpad will be fully functionality, this happens time from time, with no any clover modification (add/remove kext's, etc...)

4. got it

5. Fn + Z in my case is entering laptop to sleep mode


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guys, need final help from you for final chords, so, what i have:

  • WiFi - DW1820A 8PKF4 - 100% working with the bluetooth
  • Audio - 100% working - speakers, microphone, headphones (automaticly enabling when headphones is pluging in) + short keys
  • Video - 100% working
  • HD WebCam - 100% working
  • AppleBacklightFixup.kext - not working, no brightness slider in Prefs->Display, so no short keys also
  • touchpad - i still can't fix it, i have Synaptics, pls take a look at the screenshots, its working time from time and with strange "cursor dance sometime" and with no all gestures
  • also: if i have put ACPIBatteryManager.kext to C/K/O, system loading is to slow and no video showing (display is absolutely black)




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