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E5470: cannot boot Catalina


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11 hours ago, Jake Lo said:


should be ECDV to EC, E5470 does not have EC0

Look at this post closely

--> only got  this patch EC0 to EC, in clover config no patch ECDV


Also the bootpack is provided here that has all you need for Catalina on E5470

--> I was at step 4, checking bootable after update clover and kext, not yet update to Catalina.



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Thanks for your support. Not succeed yet to generate debug files.


Oh my problem is I can not reboot Mojave after update clover, kext & change EC. The installation guide said I have to reboot after update clover, kext & change EC. Or should I update to Catalina first before reboot? Sorry for my english.

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All you need to to to upgrade from Mojave to Catalina is:

  1. add the necessary Embedded Controller ACPI device renaming
  2. update Clover to a version that supports Catalina of not already done


The kexts you used for Mojave should do for Catalina, you may only need to update those such as Lilu & Plugins (WEG, AppleALC); the rest should be Ok. Once you've initiated the upgrade to Catalina, you have to complete it (starting at booting temporary partition "install Catalina from...") and that takes a few reboots. No way to revert to Mojave...


If you've done something differently, you 'll have to be specific about it. Right now, we've no idea about what you've done and what you're using.

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Just compress and attach your Clover folder here for review.

What's the issue with reboot?

Whenever you update any kexts in /S/L/E or /L/E, then you'll need to repair permissions and rebuild cache prior to reboot.

If the kexts are in Clover kext, then it's not necessary.

There can be issue whenever you upgrade something, so always have a bootable installer available when that happens.

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