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E6530 nVidia: trouble installing Catalina


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Hey, that is me again


Trying to install Vanille Hackintosh through another Mac and i am getting this error [Photo]

PC Specs:

E6530 | I5 3230M | AR9281 | 8GB | 850EVO | HD 4000 | NVS 5200 (ACPI Disabled) |

Boot Args: keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 -xcpm -v

Kexts: Downloaded from CloverCFG | AppleALC | FakeSMC and fork of kexts | IntelMausi | Lilu | USBInjectAll | WhateverGreen |

I dont need other kext right now, because i just want to install it and configure it after


Cant find any solution in Google


My fresh EFI with ivy Config and some kexts:



Sorry and Thanks for wasting your time on this


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thank you so much

Just opened Clover CFG And added a patch in ACPI Section. Worked perfectly

But now i am getting ioconsoleusers error. I tried to clear nvram, inject intel, nvidia. Play with bootargs (nv_disable=1) Still  error

Should i disable optimus?


UPD: Disable Optimus and nv_disable=1 solve the problem

Thanks again

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