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[Closed] AppleHDA patching requests


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Hi Deepak,

the first, thanks again for helping patch my sound, current everything is working (El captian 10.11.6)

this is link to your help: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1946-complete-applehda-patching-guide/page-21


in while, i read your guide and try to patch my sound. i want to understand it to can help me and other.

i installed macOS sierra 10.12 on another disk to patch sound, but my patch didn't work.

If you have free time, can you help me/show me what's wrong in my patch? ( i tried extracting your config data in your kext patched and use them to patch applehda 10.12 but it's not working


Thanks Deepak.







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Hi I am trying to get my Dell Optipliex 990 SFF to use the AppleHDA kext and was pretty sure I followed the steps correctly. However, I get a ton of sound assertion problems. Moreover, nothing is listed in the input/output section when I go to Apple > System Preferences > Sound. I have attached my codec info as well as my calculations for ConfigData. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Using OS X 10.9.5)


Other things I did:

Patched DSDT to use layout 28

Deleted all other HDA references from S/L/E (Voodoo, disabler, etc)


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