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HP Probook 470 G5 EFI


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It was impossible for me to get EFI with opencore 0.6.5 and start a fresh install or recovery on my laptop.


BIOS Settings are ok I was using 430 G5 EFI but its impossible for me to get wifi working.


Can anyone provide me an EFI folder or a kext or a workaround to get wifi? Bluetooth it's working fine.


Thank you in advance!


I cant upload EFI file becauase compressed its 22mb.


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Remove this from the Config file under deviceproperties/Add



or just remove compatible under it.

Your Intel Wifi is not a Broadcom so why make it so...

With Airportitlwm.kext you already have included, it should work after removing what I mentioned.

Note: You can't connect to Hidden network with AirportItlwm, if you need to, then replace it with Itlwm.kext instead and use Heliport.app to configure network settings.

It will emulate an Ethernet card so you won't see Wifi in the preference pane

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No need to quote me on responses.


When you remove the kexts in the kext folder, did you disable them in the Config file?

Unlike Clover, OpenCore has each kexts coded into the Config file. You can't just add or delete a kexts from the Kexts folder

Only thing I see in your files are FakePCIID*, and yes, those should be removed.

You still didn't note what wifi it has, I can only assume Intel since you're using an Intel kexts. Is it one of those supported in the list?

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