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Odd behaviour with OpenCore


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Hi folks, 


Two questions regarding OpenCore (I am running Big Sur on a Dell Latitude E7450) :-

1. When using OpenCore to boot into Big Sur, it crashes 2 or 3 time out of 5. I can attach logs but I cannot understand the inconsistency and just wondered if others suffered from this issue.


2. When I remove the -v from the config file, using TextEdit, it hardly ever boots. For example, I change:-

<string>keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 darkwake=0 alcid=11 -v</string> 


<string>keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 darkwake=0 alcid=11</string>


I have also tried with a space at the end like this ..

<string>keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 darkwake=0 alcid=11 </string>


The bootloader recognises the lack of -v and boots 'silently', so it's definitely being picked up but why will it refused to boot ????


Should I be using a different editor tool ?



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Thanks Jake, 


Followed the instructions and now have ProperTree working :-) 


Unfortunately, I get the same result taking out the -v with ProperTree  .. all very confusing ?!


Any ideas .. should I recreate the config.plist file ?



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There are probably a few things to review given that your config looks like a mix of Dortania's settings + stuff carried over from a previous Catalina setup. For instance: SSDT-EC (which injects a separate EC device), yet your rename device ECDV to EC in your config file. You may also want to revisit those ACPI patches you appear to have carried over in relation to HPET, RTC and TIMR.

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