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Lenovo P50: any existing EFI pack to install macOS?


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Hello, I had just received a Lenovo P50 and I want to install macOS on it using the Clover Boot-loader. However, after trying some guides and building my own EFI, I've come across a Kernel Panick. After the KP, it'll reboot into windows. I really want to Hackintosh this laptop but I have had no success on doing so. Is there a proper guide for my laptop and the specs as follows:



Intel HD 530/NVIDIA m1000m 

32gb 2133mhz DDR4 RAM

512gb NVME SSD


Intel 8260 WIFI and Bluetooth


I tried building my own EFI multiple times but come across the same error. I hope that there's a working EFI for my system.

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Jake Lo gave you a link that leads to what's pretty much a step-by-step guide and a very recent one too; all you have to do is follow it. You'll gain experience with OC by experimenting and it is really not that hard to grasp. As a beginner, I found it easier to understand OpenCore than Clover.

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